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VR Rhythm Action Game AGAINST Gets December Release Date

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VR rhythm action game AGAINST from VR studio Joy Way is now set to launch December 16th. The game has seen a total makeover with a more bold look compared to a preview we saw earlier this year.

Against is an interesting take on the VR rhythm game that steeps the usual arm swinging and body dodging of its contemporaries with gameplay grounded in an action-focused paradigm. Instead of cutting blocks or dodging walls, you’re slicing enemies, blocking bullets, and ducking under flying sawblades—to the beat, of course.

Although it’s all set on a linear path, there’s also more active elements than you’ll see in most VR rhythm games, like wall-running and jumping, not to mention multiple weapon types which will change up the moment-to-moment gameplay.

In our preview of the game earlier this year, the game’s look was very much in the noir realm, with rainy city streets and shadowy figures to fight. Since then, Joy Way has given the game a complete makeover with a much more fantastical and colorful tone, as we see in the game’s new release date trailer:

Another recently released trailer for the game takes the look a step further with a boss fight where players are battling a giant demon figure.

Against is set for a December 16th release date on Steam. Joy Way hasn’t made specific mention of whether or not the game will make its way to Quest or PSVR, but did say previously that it had plans to release the game “on other stores later,” so we may see it on more headsets in the future.

Joy Way is also in active development of OUTLIER and STRIDE, a VR sci-fi FPS and VR parkour game, respectively.

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