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Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond Update Addresses Common Gripes

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    Just days after the launch of Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond, Respawn has pushed an update to the game to address some common gripes. Two more patches are said to already be in the works.

    Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond hasn’t fared too well out of the gate, judging by critic and user reviews, but developer Respawn entertainment has quickly moved to release a patch (v1.19) fixing some surface-level issues.

    Among the biggest changes is the addition of smooth-turning to the game, which can now be enabled in the VR Comfort section of the menu. Initially the game only supported snap-turning which is typically the default to ensure comfort, but some players prefer to turn smoothly. The new smooth-turn option also has adjustable rotation speed.

    The pace-breaking “Victory!” screens, which would frequently interrupt action sequences, has been removed entirely, except at the very end of each mission.

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    The ‘Gallery’ section of the game (featuring the impressively produced WWII mini-documentaries) is now fully unlocked by default rather than being unlocked based on campaign completion.

    The patch includes a handful of other tweaks, check out the full release notes here:

    Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond v1.19 patch notes

    New “Smooth Turning” Option
    • By popular demand, you can now choose Smooth Turning as an alternative to the default Flick Turning.
    • Try it out by going to the Options menu, clicking on the “VR Comfort” section, and setting “Turn Style” to “SMOOTH”.
    • You can further adjust the “Smooth Turn Speed” value here (default 50%) to find what works best for you. This only has an effect when smooth turning is enabled.
      • We removed all the “Victory!” screens from level progression.
      • You now only get a completion screen when you beat one of the six missions.
      • It is now much easier to pick up weapons from the tables and weapon racks.
      • Health Packs now respawn after a short duration.
      • All of the Gallery content — every location, interview, and 360-degree panorama — is now unlocked from the very beginning.
      • Originally they would unlock as you played through the campaign, but now you can watch them in any order.​
      • Louder. We made it louder. You asked for it, we’re more than happy to oblige.
      • No longer need to choose “Equip” when selecting a multiplayer avatar.
      • In Multiplayer menus, fixed an issue with the party invite Accept and Decline buttons being difficult to press.
      • When launching the game for the first time, the initial Options menu now displays correct localized text.
      • Fixed a respawn issue with the landmines in the the Mission 2 Live Fire Gauntlet.
      • Fixed an issue with truck collision in the Avalanche level.
      • Various under the hood fixes and optimizations

      Oculus says the studio is “actively working” on two additional upcoming patches, and will “continue to read all of the feedback and will react to as much of it as possible,” including investigating the potential of making the Oculus API version of the game available through Steam

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