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'LOW-FI' Creator Teases Prequel Game 'AGENCY' for Oculus Quest – Road to VR

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Iris VR, the game studio behind cyberpunk titles TECHNOLUST (2016) and the still in-production game LOW-FI, teased some new footage recently of its Oculus Quest game AGENCY.

Iris VR says Agency is a prequel episode of LOW-FI, the non-linear cyberpunk game which first garnered support through a Kickstarter campaign late last year.

Blair Renaud, studio CEO and Creative Director, released a quick sneak peak of Agency, stating that they’ve just pitched the game to Oculus for approval. Renaud says the game’s tech demo is currently running on Quest 2.

Outside of that, Agency itself is still largely a mystery in terms of gameplay. If it’s anything like LOW-FI though, which is slated to put you in the shoes of a retro-futuristic cop for a non-linear jaunt through a cyberpunk slum, we’re sure to see plenty more tech-noir overtures to Blade Runner (1982) and Robocop (1987), and hopefully a bunch of classic gaming arcade cabinets too.

As any VR developer can attest, Oculus has set a fairly high bar for content quality on Quest, something Oculus’ Content Ecosystem Director Chris Pruett says in a developer blogpost is “higher than we’ve ever enforced before.”

With the entry of Oculus Quest 2 arriving on October 13th, the company is no doubt looking to expand its content library to satisfy those upgrading from the original 2019 Quest as well as newcomers looking for games that make good use of Quest 2’s higher resolution displays and faster Snapdragon XR2 chipset.

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