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New Xbox Series X Controller Color Revealed

Xbox Series X preorders are live, and if you want to pick up an extra controller, there are a number of new options to choose from. The first is a new colour for the Xbox Series X controller: Shock Blue. While the previously revealed Carbon Black and Robot White controllers have an MSRP of $60, the Shock Blue variant costs slightly more at $65.

In addition to the new controller, Microsoft has updated its PC controller bundles to include the new Xbox Series X controller. All of these controllers and bundles will be available on November 10, the same day the Xbox Series X and S launch. Some of these products are available to preorder now.

Xbox Series X/S wireless controller – Shock Blue


The Shock Blue Xbox controller features a blue front plate with blue buttons and analog sticks, accompanied by black triggers, shoulder buttons, and D-pad. Flip the controller over, and you see a white back plate that works great as an accent to the other two colours. The controller was designed for Xbox Series X and S, but it also works with Xbox One, PC, and compatible Bluetooth devices.

Microsoft’s PC controller bundles will now include the Carbon Black Xbox controller with either a USB-C cable for $60 or a USB wireless adapter for $80. However, you don’t need the adapter to connect to your PC wirelessly if your setup features Bluetooth connectivity.

Lastly, Microsoft has also revamped its Play & Charge kit, which features a rechargeable battery and a USB-C cable. This makes it so you can use the battery pack with one of the new Xbox Series X controllers and charge it while you play or in between sessions. The Play & Charge kit costs $25.

Xbox controller – Carbon Black

Xbox controller – Robot White

Play & Charge kit for Xbox

If you’re looking for more controller recommendations, check out our guide on the best Xbox Series X controllers. All controllers that are compatible with the Xbox One are also compatible with Xbox Series X and S, so any that you already own are ready to go with the new consoles.

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