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Here's How Much Xbox Series X Extra Storage Costs

Xbox Series X and Series S preorders are set to go live today. And while we’ve known the price of the consoles themselves–$500 and $300, respectively–the ability to order accessories is shedding some light on how much we can expect accessories like extra storage to cost.

Users on ResetEra have found UK retailers listing the 1TB storage expansion being listed for £160. That’s roughly $205 USD, but the price in the United States won’t necessarily translate exactly. We’ll update with regional prices as they become available. These drives are NVMe SSDs, which tend to be on the expensive side, so this isn’t a surprising price.

That extra storage will effectively double the 1TB storage space of the Series X, and triple the 512GB Series S. Notably, the series S is an all-digital console whereas the Series X has a disc drive. But file sizes for Series S games will also be significantly smaller, due to the system not outputting at 4K resolution. You’ll be able to play backwards compatible games from any external drive, and you can even store Series X and Series S games on them, but any Series X/S games that you want to play will need to be moved to a supported SSD.

Both versions of the system are also available through Xbox All Access, a payment plan that bundles in Xbox Game Pass. That subscription service will soon include EA Play, and thanks to Microsoft’s latest acquisition, it will include Bethesda games.

For more details on how to reserve an Xbox Series X or Series S ahead of their November 10 release date, check out our Xbox Series X and Series S preorder guide.

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