Upcoming VR Games For 2020: Star Wars: Squadrons, Onward & More

We’re past the halfway mark in 2020 and we’ve already seen some great VR games release this year. But what else is coming between now and the end of the year? Let’s take a look at upcoming VR games for the rest of 2020.

Some recent announcements have elevated what was looking like a rather quiet H2 2020 to an exciting few months. We’ll be taking off in X-Wings and making Dreams come true.

Upcoming VR Games 2020

Dreams (PSVR) – July 22

At long last, Media Molecule’s fantastic creation tool is ready to add VR support. Dreams is essentially a development engine unto itself, letting players make their own games and share them online. The brief tease we’ve seen of VR support so far is hugely exciting. This will arrive as a free update to owners of the base game.

Onward (Quest) – July 30

The much-anticipated Oculus Quest port of Onward is very nearly here. The ever-popular military simulation shooter makes its way to the standalone headset with all the same features including, multiplayer, single-player and cooperative modes as well as, crucially, cross-play with PC VR players. If this port is up to snuff, expect Onward on Quest to be one of the biggest upcoming VR games for 2020.

Solaris: Offworld Combat (Rift, Quest) – August (PSVR in 2020)

The makers of Firewall: Zero Hour return with a new multiplayer VR shooter that trades Rainbow Six for Unreal Tournament. Solaris offers 4 v 4 battles in which players sprint and slide across maps, picking up new weapons and finding the high ground. Given the developer’s past experience, we’re hoping for a top-quality VR shooter here.

Star Wars: Squadrons (PSVR, PC VR) – October 2nd

We’ve been lucky enough to have lived out several Star Wars dreams in VR already, but Star Wars: Squadrons seems to have struck a particular chord with the fanbase. The chance to jump into the cockpit of an X-Wing or TIE Fighter in VR makes us a little weak at the knees. Fortunately, we’ll be seated for its online multiplayer battles and single-player campaign, though. This is probably the most anticipated of the upcoming VR games in 2020.

Medal of Honor: Above And Beyond (Rift) – 2020

Respawn Entertainment is one of the game’s industry’s best developers, which gives you more than enough reason to be excited for Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond. Add in that this Oculus exclusive sees the developer return to a series it helped established as Infinity Ward, plus the promise of an expansive campaign and multiplayer support, and you have one of the most promising games of 2020.

Lone Echo 2 (Rift) – 2020

Lone Echo’s sequel has been a long time coming, but we’re hoping it finally enters orbit in the second half of this year. It’s high time we checked in on Liv and Jack after the first space odyssey’s dramatic cliffhanger and, now that Ready at Dawn is owned by Facebook itself, we wouldn’t expect this Oculus exclusive to hold back.

The Walking Dead: Onslaught (PSVR, PC VR) – 2020

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners may have stolen hearts and minds on PC VR and PSVR platforms already, but we’re just as excited for VR veteran Survios’ take on the zombie franchise. Aimed at the TV show instead of the comics, Onslaught delivers a full campaign with iconic characters including none other than Darryl Dixon, voiced by Norman Reedus himself. Definitely keep this on your radar for upcoming VR games 2020.

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Marvel's Iron Man VR Review – Not Quite Invincible

As one of the most beloved superheroes, Iron Man is nearly as recognizable as any other character in pop culture today. Despite his success in films and comic books, video game prosperity has thus far eluded Marvel’s icon. With Iron Man VR, developer Camoflaj lets you step into Tony Stark’s power armor as you fly, blast, and quip your way through several missions spanning the globe. Iron Man VR gives you all the thrills of saving the day, but even early in the adventure, it’s easy to notice the cracks in the armor.

You assume the role the popular Avenger who has served as one of Marvel’s most iconic characters for years. Once you don the Iron Man suit, you use PlayStation Move controllers and the PSVR headset itself to dictate how and where you fly. Tilt the controllers behind you and you hurtle forward, and change direction by adjusting the angle of your arms and where you’re looking. Flying forward feels intuitive and terrific; whenever I was speeding along a linear path, I truly felt like a capable hero.

Combat in Iron Man VR is superb. Using the motion controllers to access Iron Man’s full arsenal of weapons truly made me feel like I was one of Earth’s mightiest heroes. Whether I was blasting waves of drones with Stark’s signature repulsors or unleashing a furious wave of lock-on missiles at a stunned adversary, Iron Man VR effectively makes you feel like the man in the suit. My favorite combination to pull off was to ground pound a hovertank from the sky, then while it’s airborne from the shockwave, melting away its armor with a chaingun, and finishing it off with a cluster bomb. Chaining together combos to take down ferocious foes never ceases to satisfy, and I always looked forward to testing my aim and improvisation in the more intense firefights. If things get too hairy, defeating enemies charges your unibeam, an awesome ultimate attack that can level the playing field and shift the odds in your favor regardless of the situation.

Most missions take place in open areas, requiring you to complete objectives while fending off waves of enemies. As you turn at all angles and adjust your height, the frantic pace can be disorienting. The controls are imprecise if you physically turn around (and away from the sensors), but the only alternative is using the buttons to manually turn and readjust the camera, which completely ruins the thrilling sense of presence the game is intended to create. Even near the end of the campaign, as I began to feel like an expert in the flight controls, I often went soaring into walls and struggled to keep up with the more nimble bosses, fighting in environments full of beams and pillars. These encounters rarely resulted in my defeat, but they went on far longer than they held my interest.

Tony Stark is more than just Iron Man. Between missions, you take control of the complicated man behind the iron mask. In these sections, you move around by selecting waypoints in the environment and teleporting. While Stark’s mansion has fun Easter eggs and inconsequential minigames, the most valuable use of your time at home is customizing your armor. In addition to getting new paintjobs, you can use earned skill points to unlock upgrades. These improvements range from speed boosters and faster health regeneration to various new weapons. While I barely noticed the speed advantages granted by those upgrades, my two loadouts played very differently from each other by the end of the game thanks to the diverse selection of auxiliary bombs and guns available to equip.

During these heavily restricted in-between moments, you get a glimpse into the life of Tony Stark, the internal struggles of reconciling his past as an international arms dealer with his desire to be a heroic beacon for the world, and how his decisions affect not only those he cares about, but those he doesn’t even know exist. That premise serves as the backdrop to the story, as the supervillain Ghost seeks to avenge those killed by Stark Industry weapons using her hacking skills and high-tech suit. This assault on both fronts of Tony’s life leads to compelling situations and fun moments, even if Ghost’s sidekick, Living Laser, feels ripped from a Saturday morning cartoon.

As a huge fan of the iron Avenger, Iron Man VR has me torn. I love the feeling of putting on the iconic suit and destroying waves of enemies, but for every moment I felt like a seasoned superhero soaring into action and taking down the bad guys, the finicky flight controls made me feel more like someone who snuck into Stark’s workshop to take the suit for a spin with no prior training. Iron Man VR delivers a fun adventure for fans of Marvel’s iconic hero, but it too often feels hindered by the virtual-reality technology rather than elevated by it.

Iron Man VR delivers thrilling combat and fun flight mechanics, but navigating big, open areas is frustrating.

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The VR Download – July 2 2020

The VR Download is UploadVR’s weekly show about all things VR and AR, broadcast from our virtual studios in the metaverse!

Join us at 1pm PST on YouTube LIVE. If you have any questions about the week’s VR news, this is your opportunity to ask us directly.

The News Discussion this week:

  • Valve: Future SteamVR Features Will Be On ‘OpenXR Side’ As Valve Transitions From OpenVR
  • Facebook-Owned Beat Saber Is Getting Cut From VR Arcades
  • Google Figured Out How To Stream 6DoF Video Over The Internet
  • Facebook Researchers Show The Most Compact VR Optics Yet
  • Onward Oculus Quest Release Date Revealed
  • Google Acquires North’s Focals Smartglasses Business

At the end of each show, we discuss a Hot Topic. This week’s: one year on, did Valve’s Index live up to its promise?

As always, episodes are available for listening on Apple, Google, Spotify, TuneIn/Alexa, Stitcher, and more within a couple of hours of airing.

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Arcano Is A Co-Op VR Shooter Inspired By Robo Recall

It’s a bit of a crime that Epic Games’ Robo Recall never got a sequel. Arcano looks like it could fill that void, though.

Developed by Neuston, Arcano is a co-op focused VR shooter due out later this year. In the game, you take on the role of an elite agent and fight your way through missions either in solo play or with a friend. Take a look at some pre-alpha footage below (and take note that the grey box environments are not actually going to be used in the final game).

It might be early days but Arcano already shows a promising degree of polish. You can see a lot of Robo Recall in the gun combat; bullets fly at you in highlighted rings to make them easier to dodge or block with your handgun, and there are slow-motion grenade explosions to boot. Plus there’s other elements like climbing walls and flying drones (Neuston was tellingly behind Drone Hero from 2017) to add some variety.

The game is produced by Jonas Johansson, who worked as a senior programmer on the Crysis trilogy at Crytek and on Just Cause 2 at Avalanche. Speaking to Upload, Johansson explained that Arcano will offer a base package with introductory elements like a shooting range free of charge. Missions will be available to buy.

“Then, as an agent hired by Arcano, you’re given these over the top missions, and this is what the game is all about,” he explained. “Sneak into a building and hack a computer, hang from under a helicopter in mid-air, etc. The missions are designed from the ground up for co-op, and they’re best played with a friend (although you don’t have to).”

Arcano is aiming to arrive on SteamVR in December. For now, you can keep up with the game on a Discord channel.

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Iron Man VR Pre-Order Bonus, PSVR Bundle, And Deluxe Edition Info

After a series of delays–most recently alongside The Last of Us Part 2–PlayStation’s Iron Man VR finally has a release date. The PSVR exclusive will now launch on July 3, and if you want to be ready for its release, you can pre-order Iron Man VR now from a number of different retailers. If you need to buy a PSVR system, a new Iron Man PSVR bundle is available now and includes everything you need to play. There’s also a pre-order bonus for securing your copy early, as well as a digital special edition if you’re looking to snag some extra content.

As its name suggests, Iron Man VR follows the Armored Avenger on a brand-new adventure. In this story, Tony Stark has retired from making weapons and now uses his tech to fight evil as Iron Man. Several years later, he’s attacked by a villain known as Ghost, a hacker and anti-corporate activist who is now repurposing old Stark Industries weapons to attack his corporate locations around the globe. Aside from flying through the sky and facing off against Iron Man’s foes in high-stakes battles, you’ll also be able to upgrade Tony’s tech and customize Iron Man’s armor and abilities.

Iron Man VR is a PlayStation VR-exclusive, so you won’t be able to play it on the Oculus Quest or any PC VR headset. And since you’ll be playing as Tony Stark inside the Iron Man suit, you’ll be moving your hands around shooting down enemies. That means you’ll need the Move controllers as well as a PS4 and PlayStation VR headset.

With the different versions and overall difficulty of finding PlayStation VR in stock, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about pre-ordering Iron Man VR before the Marvel hero comes to PS4 this July.

Iron Man VR pre-order bonuses

If you pre-order Iron Man VR before its July 3 release date, then you’ll get yourself an Iron Man PS4 theme and four different custom armor decos. These armor decos swap the color of Iron Man’s suit. The four pre-order bonus skins are Iron Man’s Origin Armor, Vintage Armor, Silver Centurion Armor, and Ultraviolet Armor.

Pre-order Iron Man VR Standard edition | $40

Iron Man VR’s standard edition is available to pre-order both physically and digitally for $40 and comes with all pre-order bonuses if purchased before its release date.

Pre-order Iron Man VR Digital Deluxe edition | $50

Iron Man VR’s special edition is its Deluxe Edition, which is available to pre-order for $50. Unfortunately, there is no physical Deluxe Edition, so if you want the Deluxe Edition’s unique content, then you’ll have to buy Iron Man VR digitally on the PlayStation Store.

The Digital Deluxe Edition comes with the base game, 12 research points, a digital soundtrack, PS4 theme, and four Deluxe armor decos. These special armor skins are the Golden Avenger, Black Centurion, Sun Stinger, and Stealth variations of Iron Man’s suit.

PlayStation VR headset bundle

Sony announced a brand-new PSVR Iron Man bundle will launch alongside the game for $350 USD / $450 CAD in the US, Canada, and many South American countries. This bundle includes everything you need to play the game, including the VR headset, a PlayStation Camera, and a pair of PlayStation Move motion controllers. With the motion controllers currently sold out everywhere but required to play the game, this bundle is a hot commodity if you’re looking to buy a PSVR headset and Iron Man VR at the same time.

If this bundle sells out or you simply want to snag some different games along with your purchase, another great option is the PlayStation VR Blood & Truth and Everybody’s Golf bundle for $350, which comes with two great games and everything you need for Iron Man VR. If you’d like to save some money, GameStop sells refurbished PlayStation VR headsets for $150, though you will need to pick up a pair of Move controllers separately.

PSVR bundles:

PlayStation Move motion controllers

Two PlayStation Move controllers are required for Iron Man VR. Unfortunately, if you own a PlayStation VR headset and don’t own the controllers, you might have a hard time finding any of the Move wands in stock anywhere. With a list price of $100 for a two-pack, the Move motion controllers are sold out at many retailers, and it’s unclear whether they’ll be restocked by the time Iron Man VR releases. We’re not currently seeing them in stock at MSRP anywhere, so your best option is to buy one of the PSVR bundles mentioned above.

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