Chushou Doomed By Tencent’s Streaming Dominance In Chinese Market

Chinese game live streaming platform Chushou has shut down, the latest casualty in the country’s Tencent-dominated game live streaming market. Live streaming platform Panda TV folded last year.

Chushou received a roughly $77M USD investment from Google in early 2018 and raised a disclosed total of roughly $128M in funding since the platform was established in 2011. Other investors in Chushou included Qiming Venture Partners, GGV Capital, Shunwei Capital, AlphaX Partners, and Baidu’s iQiyi.

Tencent controls the two largest game live streaming platforms in China, Huya and DouYu. Additionally, it operates its self-developed Penguin Esports platform and owns minority stakes in live streaming platforms Bilibili and Kuaishou. According to Bloomberg News, Chushou asked streamers who stream exclusively on the platform to switch to Kuaishou.

In an interview with Surging News in 2019, Li Qiang COO and co-founder of Chushou revealed that the company was close to breaking even while paying tens of millions of yuan a year for esports events media rights. In the same year, the company announced that it expected around ¥600M RMB ($85.5M) in revenues for the year, and its CMO Yang Shuyu talked about Chushou’s willingness to go public in China.

Since then, several Chushou streamers complained about not receiving revenue share payments and at least one influencer agency sued Chushou for breach of contract before the service ceased operations on July 3. An anonymous source told the China-Singapore Jingwei that the platform currently owes several esports organizations up to ¥5M ($713K) and thousands of content creators up to ¥200K ($28.5K).

While Tencent is solidifying its market dominance in China, the company released a new live streaming platform in the West. The service named Trovo closely resembles Amazon-owned live streaming platform Twitch in its appearance and functionality. Tencent-owned Huya pursued a similar strategy with the launch of Nimo TV in countries such as Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Mexico in 2018. 

Outside of China, Mixer is the latest service to surrender to its live streaming platform competition, mainly Twitch, as it will cease business on July 22. The Microsoft-owned platform exclusively signed two previously high-profile Twitch influencers Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and Michael “shroud” Grzesiek.

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Dead by Daylight devs deny nerfing Pyramid Head’s ass

Did you know Pyramid Head recently arrived in the world of Dead by Daylight, along with survivor Cheryl Mason and the Midwich Elementary School from the Silent Hill franchise? This is, of course, an iconic character from a survival horror classic. Fans eagerly waited to see this new killer, so they could judge his competitive balance in the asymmetric horror game.

Unfortunately, there’s quite a controversy in the community. Fans are alleging that Behaviour Interactive, the studio behind Dead by Daylight, has nerfed Pyramid Head’s most important asset.

Pyramid Head debuted in Silent Hill 2, where he served as an ever-present manifestation of the protagonist’s guilt and shame. In Dead by Daylight, he joins the roster as The Executioner, and he uses his Great Knife blade to dig trenches and block survivors. The community loves this faithful interpretation of a big scary boy, and they have dubbed the killer Daddy Pyramid Head.

However, Behaviour Interactive denies ever touching Pyramid Head’s butt. They insist his ass is equally as round and full, and it was not reduced during production or after his release in the game. Polygon received the following statement from Mathieu Cote, game director on Dead by Daylight, via email.

I can confirm that while our art team did continue to polish Pyramid Head, his butt remained untouched. The apron covering his body was modified, which might create the illusion that his body was also changed. We leave it up to our players to discuss, at length, whether the change in garment has had a significant impact on his butt and how that will affect his performance as a killer.

For now, players can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there have been no major alterations to a popular character in video game canon. The Silent Hill chapter of Dead By Daylight is available for $6.99, and allows players to take the role of either Cheryl as a survivor, or Pyramid Head as a killer. Pyramid Head joins other licensed killers from horror franchises, like Saw’s Amanda Young, Michael Myers from Halloween, and A Nightmare on Elm Street’s Freddy Krueger.

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Tales Of Monkey Island By Telltale Has Returned To Digital Stores With A Discount

Tales of Monkey Island, the episodic Monkey Island series from Telltale Games, has been unavailable since the developer and publisher closed, along with many other Telltale series. But now, the game has returned to digital storefronts, and it’s currently discounted by 50% until July 10.

The game is available again on both Steam and GOG, and is currently discounted from $20 to $10. This is the complete collection, so it contains all five episodes, originally released in 2009. The game was released on the Wii and PS3 as well, along with mobile. For now, it only seems to be available on PC.

The developer is listed as LCG Entertainment, and the publisher as Athlon Games. LCG Entertainment handles the parts of Telltale’s back catalog that have been re-released.

While not held in the same regard as the earlier Monkey Island titles, Tales of Monkey Island was generally well-liked, and received an 8.5/10 in GameSpot’s review. This means that the whole Monkey Island series is now available digitally, as The Curse of Monkey Island received a digital release in 2018.

Several Telltale Games releases remain unavailable, including Tales from the Borderlands, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Game of Thrones.

One old Telltale project, The Wolf Among Us 2, has been resurrected, and has been restarted from scratch.

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