Destiny 2 Xur location and items, July 3-7

The weekly Exotic item merchant, Xur, hangs out in random locations around the world of Destiny. In Destiny 2, he can appear all over the map, as well as inside the Tower. This week, you can find Xur in the Tower, hanging out on the back stairs of the Tower Hangar.

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Xur’s inventory this week consists of the following:

  • The Huckleberry, kinetic submachine gun: 29 Legendary Shards
  • Lucky Pants, Hunter legs: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Mask of the Quiet One, Titan helmet: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Lunafaction Boots, Warlock boots: 23 Legendary Shards
  • Exotic Engram: 97 Legendary Shards (you can now purchase a second with an Exotic Cipher)


Destiny 2 guide: Complete list of Exotics

Xur’s inventory caps out at 1050.

The Huckleberry

The Huckleberry is an exotic from Warmind. Its intrinsic perk is Ride the Bull, which causes the gun to fire faster and have increased recoil the longer you hold the trigger. Kills with the gun partially reload the magazine. The Huckleberry’s secondary perk is rampage, which causes each kill to increase your damage for a short time.

The Huckleberry is a very fun gun to use. Its perks combine to offer you a little minigame of trying to fire for as long as you possibly can without having to reload. Pick up The Huckleberry if you can afford it.

Lucky Pants

Lucky Pants are fairly worthless in most situations. They’re also one of the exotics that Sloane offers you during the campaign. Their exotic perk, Illegally Modded Holster, allows you to ready hand cannons very quickly as well as increase accuracy for your first shot. Additionally, precision hits partially reload any stowed hand cannons. If you absolutely must use hand cannons in both your energy and kinetic slot, these pants are for you. Otherwise, skip Lucky Pants.

Xur’s roll this week comes with 61 total stats.

Destiny 2 guide

Mask of the Quiet One

Mask of the Quiet One is a mediocre Titan Exotic in both PvP and PvE. Its exotic perk, Dreaded Visage, grants energy for your grenade, melee, and class ability each time you take damage. Kills with Void abilities instantly trigger your health regeneration. While this helmet is best used with Sentinel, you’ll get the extra energy on damage regardless of your subclass. If you’re going to be taking a lot of damage, this is a decent Exotic to throw on.

Xur’s roll this week comes with 62 total stats.

Lunafaction Boots

Lunafaction Boots are very powerful Warlock Exotic boots, and have been since the original Destiny 2. Their Exotic perk is Alchemical Etchings. This perk grants a reload speed increase while standing in a Lunafaction-empowered Rift. This Exotic got hit hard in Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, but it’s still worth using. You need these.

Xur’s roll this week comes with 64 total stats.

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The Last Of Us 2 Director Addresses The Game's Haters

Seven years after the release of the original, The Last of Us Part II is finally out now on PlayStation 4. Even before release, writer-director Neil Druckmann acknowledged that some fans of the first game would dislike the sequel, and now that the game is out, he’s responded to more of the internet hate. This includes hate directed toward one of the cast members, not because of the actor herself, but the character she plays.

Speaking on former Nintendo boss Reggie Fils-Aime’s podcast, Druckmann said it’s worthless to fight against people when they share their opinions about a game–whether it be good or bad. However, Druckmann said he can’t understand how people get so worked up and upset about fictional characters.

“I think you have to create some separation to say, we made this game, we believe in this game, we’re proud of this game, now it’s out there and it’s like whatever reaction people have–whether they like it or not–that’s fair,” Druckmann said. “That’s their reaction and you don’t fight that. The other thing with the more hateful stuff, the more vile stuff, that’s a little harder. It’s especially harder when I see it happening to team members or cast members who play a particular character in the game.”

“We have an actor, she’s been getting really awful, vile stuff because of a fictional character she’s playing in the game,” Druckmann added. “I just have a hard time wrapping my mind around that. The thing I try to do is just ignore it as much as I can. When things escalate to being serious, there are certain security protocols that we take and I report it to the proper authorities. Then you just try to focus on the positives and focus on distracting yourself with other stuff. But it’s kind of just the reality.”

Also in the interview, Druckmann said he’s been speaking with Chernobyl writer Craig Mazin about this topic. They are currently working together on the HBO TV version of The Last of Us.

“I’ve had a lot of conversations with him about this stuff. He articulated it pretty well, it’s like people have to get educated. This is kind of the cost. When you’re doing something big, and you might disappoint fans, there is a cost to it now,” Druckmann said. “Which is, you’re going to get a certain level of hate, a certain level of vitriol that you just have to deal with. There is no other way to make it go away.”

Despite some portion of the audience disliking The Last of Us Part II, the game broke PlayStation’s sales records with 4 million copies sold in its first three days.

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The Last Of Us 2 Director Explains That Pearl Jam Plot Hole

The Last of Us Part II writer-director Neil Druckmann has cleared up the apparent plot hole pertaining to the band Pearl Jam. But first, some background. Guitars are used as a symbolic tool to show the bond between Joel and Ellie, with several songs popping up in cutscenes. Guitars even appear as playable objects, and it’s possible for experienced musicians to recreate songs on Ellie’s in-game guitar. But one thing has remained unclear–how is Joel able to perform a song in-game that would have never been released in his world because of the outbreak? The game’s director has an explanation. Whether or not you buy that explanation depends on if you think Joel watched concert videos in his spare time.

In an early cutscene, Joel performs a cover of Pearl Jam’s “Future Days,” which appeared on the album Lightning Bolt. This album released on October 15, 2013–several weeks after September 26, 2013, which is Outbreak Day in the world of The Last of Us Part II. So how did Joel know a song that never got released?

According to director Neil Druckmann, it’s simple–the song was performed live at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois on July 19, and Joel saw a video of it on YouTube.

This makes sense, but it’s a shame that Joel’s canonical backstory on this song doesn’t involve him getting to go to the concert himself. In fact, getting the song in the game was a bit of a difficult task, and Druckmann nearly flew to Seattle to meet with Eddie Vedder.

Joel’s performance of this song can actually be traced back further to a Last of Us performance by voice actors Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson, which included an epilogue to the game in which Joel began teaching Ellie how to play the guitar. This scene ultimately made its way into the sequel.

Unlike the original game, The Last of Us Part II won’t get story DLC, although a multiplayer standalone mode is coming.

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The VR Download – July 2 2020

The VR Download is UploadVR’s weekly show about all things VR and AR, broadcast from our virtual studios in the metaverse!

Join us at 1pm PST on YouTube LIVE. If you have any questions about the week’s VR news, this is your opportunity to ask us directly.

The News Discussion this week:

  • Valve: Future SteamVR Features Will Be On ‘OpenXR Side’ As Valve Transitions From OpenVR
  • Facebook-Owned Beat Saber Is Getting Cut From VR Arcades
  • Google Figured Out How To Stream 6DoF Video Over The Internet
  • Facebook Researchers Show The Most Compact VR Optics Yet
  • Onward Oculus Quest Release Date Revealed
  • Google Acquires North’s Focals Smartglasses Business

At the end of each show, we discuss a Hot Topic. This week’s: one year on, did Valve’s Index live up to its promise?

As always, episodes are available for listening on Apple, Google, Spotify, TuneIn/Alexa, Stitcher, and more within a couple of hours of airing.

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Ludwig announces LACS 2 with qualifier events – Daily Esports

Ludwig Ahgren announced the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series 2 in a tweet on June 30. The LACS 2 will be an online Super Smash Bros. Melee tournament with a prize pool of at least $15,000. Notably, this will be the largest prize pool of any Smash event since the beginning of the year.

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      Ludwig hosted the first edition of his Championship Series in December 2018. This was a 16-man netplay invitational, with two of those players getting in through a qualifier event. The LACS 2 will work similarly, albeit on a much larger scale. This event will have 64 players competing, with 24 making it in through two qualifiers on July 11 and 12. Notably, these qualifier tournaments will be part of Brandon “homemadewaffles” Collier’s Rona Rumble series.

      So far, Ludwig has confirmed nine of the players that will compete in the LACS 2. The star-studded lineup includes Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma, Joseph “Mang0” Marquez, Zain Naghmi, Justin “Plup” McGrath, Cody “iBDW” Schwab, Johnny “S2J” Kim, Zachary “SFAT” Cordoni, Edgard “n0ne” Sheleby, and Kevin “PewPewU” Toy. In addition, other players not mentioned in the announcement video will likely receive automatic invites.

      $15,000 PRIZE POOL MINIMUM


      — ludwig (@LudwigAhgren) July 1, 2020

      More about the LACS 2

      The LACS 2 is possible thanks to recent changes to Slippi. Developer Jas “Fizzi” Laferriere recently introduced rollback netcode and integrated matchmaking to online Melee through the latest Slippi build. This allows for a smoother netplay experience across longer distances. Previously, Melee netplay tournaments could only run effectively with entrants limited to a specific region. But now, the Ludwig Ahgren Championship Series can incorporate all of the United States and other parts of North America.

      Alongside the LACS 2 announcement, homemadewaffles announced Rona Rumble Crew Battles. This winner-take-all event will take place from July 9 – 10, and it features a $5,000 prize pool. It will pit 12 regions against each other, with five players competing from each region. Here are the team captains from each region, who will select the remaining four players for their crews:

      • Mang0 (Southern California)
      • Zain (Maryland / Virginia)
      • Hungrybox (Florida)
      • iBDW (Tristate)
      • PewPewU (Northern California)
      • n0ne (Canada)
      • Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson (Southwest)
      • Avery “Ginger” Wilson (Midwest)
      • Sasha “Magi” Sullivan and Albert Luu (South)
      • Steven “FatGoku” Callopy (Pacific Northwest)
      • Anthony “Slox” Detres (New England)
      • Jonathan “Bimbo” Rocha (Mexico)

      Better late than never but wanted announce this along with Rona Rumble: LACSQ

      Rona Rumble Crew Battles!

      5K Prize

      Winner Take All!!!!

      12 Regions in North America

      Told yall we was cooking up!!

      Kudos to the homie @turndownforwalt for making the video for us!

      — Brandon Collier (@YungWaff) July 1, 2020

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      Destiny 2 Red-Hot Iron Quest Guide: Here's How To Get The Forward Path And Fool's Remedy Fast

      The Iron Banner has returned to Destiny 2 for the first time in the Season of Arrivals, and sports a new quest that’ll unlock two re-issued weapons for your arsenal. Those guns are The Forward Path, an auto rifle, and The Fool’s Remedy, a sidearm, and both have interesting perks you’ll want to check out. To get them, you’ll need to complete the new Red-Hot Iron quest from Lord Saladin in the Tower.

      The quest requires some grinding to get the guns, but it’s actually really quick. There’s only one step–here’s how to knock out Red-Hot Iron quickly and efficiently.

      Old Reliables

      Defeat opponents with Sidearms (25) and Auto Rifles (25).

      This step is just your standard kill-getter, but your choice of guns will help. First, you want to try to earn precision kills for quicker progress. For auto rifles, guns like SUROS Regime, Hard Light, and Gnawing Hunger are favorites that’ll get the job done pretty quickly. Sidearms are more of a dealer’s choice situation, but three-round burst models like Last Hope or full-auto options are pretty solid, and the charged-up shot of Devil’s Ruin can be effective as well.

      The trick with earning kills with sidearms is not to rely on them. The guns can sometimes be reliable kill-getters, but more often than not, you’ll want to soften your target up with your primary weapon and the switch to your sidearm to finish them off–primary weapons like grenade launchers are great for this. It’s also effective to run in groups with your teammates, letting them whittle down targets so you can hit them with your sidearm for the assisted final blow.

      Return to Lord Saladin when you’ve racked up all your kills. The good news is that you’ll get all the rewards in one go when you turn in the quest, including both weapons. You might want to turn in tokens for packages with Saladin once you have the guns unlocked, as you can get random rolls for both The Forward Path and The Fool’s Remedy.

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      • Destiny 2 Red-Hot Iron Quest Guide: Get The Forward Path And Fool's Remedy Fast
      • Destiny 2 Cross-Play Is On The Roadmap, But Not This Year
      • Destiny 2 Offers Free PS5 And Xbox Series X Upgrades

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      The Last Of Us Part 2 Workbench Locations – Where To Find All Workbenches

      Note: We’ve gone out of our way not to include spoilers for anything that happens in The Last of Us Part 2, but looking at any photos or reading any descriptions might give away plot details you’d rather now know. You’ve been warned.

      There are 25 Workbenches scattered throughout The Last of Us Part 2, and they can be pretty essential to your survival. They’re the only places that you can use gun parts you scavenge throughout the game to upgrade your weapons. What’s more, finding and using every Workbench in the game unlocks a Trophy you’ll need if you want to get Platinum for The Last of Us Part 2. Here’s every single Workbench in the game, divided by chapter, to help you get the most out of your weapons and stay alive as you seek revenge.

      There’s tons of more coverage of The Last of Us Part 2 for your enjoyment now that the game is out, including the first part of this walkthrough. You can check out the rest of the walkthrough, as well as a suite of other guides in our huge The Last of Us Part II guide roundup–which also includes some essential tips you should know. If you’re curious about how the game stacks up, check out our The Last of Us Part II review.



      Workbench 1: Library

      After the blizzard kicks up, you’ll shelter in a library. As you explore, Dina will point out the Workbench and suggest you upgrade your guns. You can’t miss this one.

      Seattle Day 1


      Workbench 2:5th and Marion Checkpoint

      Use your map to navigate to the corner of 5th and Marion, where you’ll find an old FEDRA checkpoint and a sealed gated marked West Gate 2. Find a ladder near West Gate 2 and climb to get onto the checkpoint wall. Head around to the side to find some tents. Inside is your Workbench.

      Capitol Hill (after leaving Eastbrook Elementary)

      Workbench 3: Gas Station Garage

      Head to the left from after passing through the motel to find a gas station down the road some. Attached to it is a garage whose door you can slip under to find the Workbench.

      Workbench 4: Gym

      As you continue toward the TV station, you’ll find an area with tripwire bombs. To get around them, break a nearby window on the right side of the street to get into a gym. Past the training dummies, in the back of the building, is the Workbench.


      Workbench 5: Subway

      Your path will divert into the subway after reaching the TV station. Keep moving until you come into a red-lit room with an acid-scoured body hung up in a hole in a fence–Ellie will comment on it. To the right of the body is a ladder you can climb, with the Workbench waiting at the top.

      Seattle Day 2


      Workbench 6: Rosemont

      Right after you enter Hillcrest, you’ll find stores you can go inside: Natural Remedies is right ahead, and The Rosemont clothing store is across from it on the other side of the street. Go inside Rosemont and to the back of the shop, where you’ll find a hole in the wall leading to the basement. You’ll find a Workbench waiting there, along with artifacts suggesting the place belonged to an archer named Boris.

      Workbench 7: Bike Shop

      Your path through Hillcrest will drop you into the basement of the bike shop and the Workbench that waits there. This is another one you can’t miss.

      The Seraphites (Seattle Day 2 – Dusk)

      Workbench 8: WLF Apartment Safehouse

      Your path will bring you to a locked metal gate that you can’t open (if you hop to the other side, you’ll find a puzzle involving a dumpster you’ll need to solve). On the other side of the street is an apartment building with a truck you can climb to access the second floor. Get inside to find an apartment you can scavenge, then leave to access the hallway. Across from the apartment you left is another one–in the back, you’ll find the Workbench.

      Workbench 9: Weston’s Pharmacy

      Once you’ve passed through the Merci building, you’ll drop into a pool and climb out on the other side of the road. Look for Weston’s on the left side of the path forward. There are a lot of supplies inside, as well as a safe, and a Workbench in the pharmacy’s back room.

      Seattle Day 3

      Road to the Aquarium

      Workbench 10: Store’s Barricaded Room

      After you leave the theater, your path toward the aquarium will divert you through a storefront, and then into the back hallways of the building between shops. As you head down the hall, look for a blocked door on your right, which you can crawl under. The Workbench is inside.

      Workbench 11: Department Store Office

      You’ll pass an area with a lot of scaffolding in front of storefronts before attempting to make your way up to a footbridge between two buildings. Your path will take you to the left through a destroyed, multi-level department store. Climb to the top floor, but instead of heading to the bridge, turn around and look for a path to the offices behind you. The Workbench is waiting among them.

      The Flooded City

      Workbench 12: Manufacturing Building

      Once you’re done with the mall, you’ll get a boat that you can use to traverse the rest of Seattle to get to the aquarium. Continue until you ride down some rapids and Ellie is forced to restart the boat’s motor. From here, look ahead for a storefront with a blue awning and a sign that reads “Manufacturing.” Hop out of the boat and go in to find the Workbench.

      Workbench 13: Barcade

      Eventually, you’ll take your boat into the flooded front of a barcade restaurant. The path is blocked here by a gate you have to raise, but the chain is obstructed by debris, forcing you to get out. You’ll find stairs in the back to get to the barcade’s second floor; head to the right, past the arcade machines and pool table, to find the Workbench against the right wall.

      Seattle Day 1

      On Foot

      Workbench 14: Boat Repair Shop

      After passing through the hardware store, you’ll use a rope to climb up on top of a boat shop and enter it from the roof. The Workbench is inside and hard to miss as you pass through the building.

      The Forward Base

      Workbench 15: Tents Outside Hotel

      Another one that’s tough to miss, this Workbench is located in one of the green tents as you walk toward Serevena Hotel.

      Hostile Territory (Seattle Day 1 – Dusk)

      Workbench 16: Scar Camp

      Once you’ve pushed through the destroyed building and climbed to the top, you’ll exit into an abandoned Scar camp on an outdoor patio. You’ll find the Workbench in the back corner before you leave.

      The Forest

      Workbench 17: Garage

      After you exit the forest, you’ll slip under the door of an auto garage. The Workbench is against the back wall of the building.

      The Coast

      Workbench 18: Construction Site Office

      Keep moving until you hit a construction site. Climb over the fence and enter the building on the far side to find the Workbench inside.

      Seattle Day 2

      The Shortcut

      Workbench 19: Cellphone Store

      Your meandering path will take you up the rapids that have flooded the street, through several stores. After you’ve gone through the apartment that takes you to the roof with the arrows, you’ll soon enter a cellphone store. Look to the left of the entrance to find a Workbench against the wall.

      Workbench 20: Near the Prophet Shrine

      Once you’ve entered the skyscraper, you’ll ascend toward the sky bridge. Keep going until you see the Prophet Shrine; in the next room is the Workbench.

      Ground Zero


      Workbench 21: Electrical Room

      Working through the hospital, you’ll find several of the doors are locked without power. Eventually, you’ll climb into the electrical room, where you can restore the hospital’s generator and power up the doors. There’s a Workbench in the same room.

      Seattle Day 3

      The Island

      Workbench 22: Past The Logging Camp

      Making your way across the island will take you to the Logging Camp, and you’ll have to cross through the mill on the far side to continue. The other side is empty of Seraphites, and just ahead, you’ll come to a pair of buildings. The one on the right contains another shrine, but the one on the left has a Workbench inside.

      The Escape – Old Town

      Workbench 23: Radio Station

      When you get to the Old Town section of the island, you’ll make your way to a radio station, which you’ll enter from the roof. The Workbench is inside.

      Santa Barbara

      Pushing Inland

      Workbench 24: Mansion Kitchen

      You trip through Santa Barbara will take you down a street where you’ll encounter some infected, and you’ll then spot a clicker on a rooftop. Heading through the hole in the roof, you’ll enter the mansion and then drop down to floor below. Check to your right to find a Workbench in the kitchen.

      The Resort

      Workbench 25: Workshop

      You’ll enter the resort by crawling through a hole in the fence after following the train tracks. Once you get inside, just ahead of you will be a workshop building, past a tent, in the center of the yard. The final Workbench is inside.

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      The Last Of Us 2 Downtown Seattle Collectibles Guide – Where To Find Everything

      Warning: This guide minimizes spoilers to help keep the story fresh for you, even if you need help tracking down all the collectibles and items hidden throughout The Last of Us Part 2. However, if you want to know nothing about the game before playing, you should stop reading now.

      Like Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, The Last of Us Part 2 has an open-ended area where you can take your time gathering resources and uncovering secrets in optional locations. To ensure you get the most out of this section, we’ve detailed below everything you can find, so you don’t miss a thing!

      There’s tons of more coverage of The Last of Us Part 2 for your enjoyment now that the game is out, including the first part of this walkthrough. You can check out the rest of the walkthrough, as well as a suite of other guides in our huge The Last of Us Part II guide roundup–which also includes some essential tips you should know. If you’re curious about how the game stacks up, check out our The Last of Us Part II review.

      Downtown Seattle

      This section of Seattle is a large, open area you can explore at your leisure. You’ll need to visit the dome building and the courthouse to advance the story, but everything else is optional. That said, it’s worth checking everything–you’ll find a number of collectibles, notes, weapons, and upgrade materials hidden throughout the area, as well as tons of supplies. We’ve marked areas based on their locations on the map and their cross streets, in most cases. Ellie will also mark up the map as you go, both when you find notes that indicate potential stashes, and when you clear areas out.

      We’ve found that some items in downtown are dynamic; if you take a different path than we did through the area, you might find some of them in different places than we did. The major locations will stay the same on the map, and while you might locate different objects at some of them, you should still find something at each spot we’ve marked.

      Westlake Bank (5th and James)

      Check the Safe Deposit Box Room for a bag on the floor near a body. You’ll find the Bank Heist Plans artifact with the vault code. The vault safe is on the left wall and opens to the code 60-23-06.

      Inside you’ll find the Pump Action Shotgun weapon on a body. To the right of the body is the Bank Robber Letter artifact. Check the corner for a safety deposit box that holds the Antique Ring artifact, which will unlock the So Great And Small Trophy.

      6th and Marion St.

      Look for a staircase around the back of the destroyed wall of the building. Climb it and throw a brick through the window to get outside. Continue to the top and open the cases you find there to discover some supplements and the Doctor Uckmann Trading Card.

      6th and Spring (under the highway)

      Look inside the FEDRA truck spray painted “FASCISTS”. You’ll find the Note to Informant artifact inside.

      6th and Spring (across from the Courthouse)

      Head to the south side of the courthouse, to the building across the street at 5th and Madison. You’ll see stairs; go up and open a bag on the ground to find the WLF Community Supply Chest Note artifact, which will give you a line on a nearby supply cache.

      West Gate 2 (Madison between 5th and 6th)

      Head south from the courthouse and slip through the fence at West Gate 2. Around the back, you’ll find a safe. Open it with the West Gate 2 gate code: 0451. Inside is a mess of useful supplies, including ammo, supplements, and the Flo Trading Card.

      5th and Marion (Checkpoint, Music Shop)

      Near West Gate 2, climb the ladder to get onto the checkpoint wall. Head around to the side to find some tents. You’ll find some parts and, most usefully, a Workbench.

      On the bridge that leads to the music shop from the workbench, look in the guard tower for the Street Drawing artifact. You’ll also trigger a Journal Entry right afterward if you stay in the lookout tower for a second.

      Climb back up the wall and head to the left. A walkway will take you to an open window where you can enter a Music Shop. Look for a guitar case in the back room to trigger a cutscene. Downstairs, look in a drawer behind the clerk’s counter for the Das Wort Trading Card.

      5th and Columbia

      Not much here except a piece of destroyed wall near Westlake Bank. Look for a bag near a skeleton that contains the Cache Hunter’s Note artifact, pointing you toward Westlake Bank.

      6th and Columbia (Plaza with Tank)

      Look for a skeleton west of the tank with a bag beside it, containing the Letter from Isaac artifact that mentions WLF tunnels.

      Highway Overpass (6th and Marion)

      Approaching from Marion street, you’ll see some collapsed roads and a fire engine. Ride to where the military trucks are parked, get out, and climb the one closest to the edge near the fire engine. You can jump across from that one to the other overpass. Check the fire engine for a fire ax melee weapon. Go around the right side of the engine to find a rope you can use to repel down over the edge of the overpass. Swing down to the chunk of broken highway below to get inside a cargo crate. Inside is a Training Manual and some supplements.

      5th and Spring North Corner (Coffee Shop)

      Break the window to get inside the coffee shop. Get the WLF Safe House Supply Note artifact off the counter, as well as ammo and parts. Check the drawer in the back corner for the Big Blue Trading Card.

      Head into the bathroom and look on the baby changing table for the key to Barko’s at 900 Marion and 6th.

      Barko’s (Marion and 6th)

      Just inside, check the copier for the Join WLF Note artifact. You can also activate an optional conversation after you inspect it. Get supplements from the shelf ahead on the left. Find a Stun Bomb on the table past the whiteboard, which unlocks a new crafting recipe. In the back room, grab a Long Gun Holster off the counter to make it easier to switch between your weapons.

      Dome Synagogue (5th and Marion)

      Look for a ladder on the left side of the building’s facade to get up to the upper level. Check the guard booth on the wall for the Emergency Protocols Memo artifact in a drawer. To get in, go around the left side of the building, to a lower area where you can slip through a chained gate.

      Inside, you can scavenge quite a bit from the lower floor. Use the rolling crate from near the gas tank to reach the upper floor, boosting yourself up by the exit gate. Continually talk to Dina in the offices to access a Journal Entry. After swinging on the cable, open the rabbi’s office before you leave and check the desk drawer to find the Rabbi Saunders’ Letter artifact.

      Courthouse (6th and Spring)

      After clearing the infected on the first floor, look for supplements in the room just past the courtroom, with the computers inside.

      When you go down the stairs, check the FEDRA bodies for the Plea to a Friend Letter artifact. Break the nearby window and jump through to find a body with a machete in it and Lt. Torres’ Final Memorandum artifact. The file cabinet holds the List of Known WLF Agitators artifact.

      Check under the desk beneath the window for a safe. The code is 86-07-22.


      Return to East Gate 2 and use the gas to power the generator and open it. The code is 5345.

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      GOG Is Giving Away Cyberpunk 2077 Goodies For Limited Time

      Cyberpunk 2077 is one of our most anticipated games of 2020, but due to the latest delay, it’s going to release near the end of the year. Cyberpunk 2077 will now release November 19, and if you’re feeling sad about the recent delay, GOG has some free stuff to make you feel a little better.

      From now until July 4, you can claim the Cyberpunk 2077 Goodies Collection for free on GOG’s homepage. The Goodies Collection includes both previously released Cyberpunk 2077 content as well as never-before-seen items. The bundle gets you printable posters, digital wallpapers, gang graffiti, and steelbook art. You’ll also get detailed screenshots and weapon blueprints for the upcoming game.

      If you still need to pre-order Cyberpunk 2077, one of GOG’s best deals is back as well. The Ultimate Red Collection bundles Cyberpunk 2077 with copies of every Witcher game for $87.77. You’ll receive Cyberpunk 2077’s general pre-order bonuses along with GOG’s exclusive bonuses, and for a limited time, you’ll also receive discount codes for merch at the CDPR merch store, Jinx, and Dark Horse / Things From Another World. Here’s everything the bundle gets you:

      • Cyberpunk 2077 (pre-order)
        • DRM-free PC copy of Cyberpunk 2077
        • Game soundtrack
        • Digital art booklet
        • Cyberpunk 2020 sourcebook
        • Desktop and mobile wallpapers
        • GOG exclusive: Print-quality Cyberpunk 2077 posters
        • GOG exclusive: Exclusive digital booklet about the game
        • GOG exclusive: Additional set of wallpapers and avatars
        • Limited-time pre-order bonus (ends July 4): Discounts on official merchandise
      • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – GOTY Edition
      • Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales
      • The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – Enhanced Edition
      • The Witcher – Enhanced Edition
      • The Witcher Adventure Game
      • While many of these games are already on sale separately–The Witcher 3 is currently down to $15–this is still a great bundle if you’ve been looking to play The Witcher series on PC, especially considering how much you’d pay for these individual games elsewhere.

        If you’re not interested in the Witcher games but know you’ll be playing Cyberpunk 2077 on day one, you can, of course, pre-order the game on its own at GOG. You’ll still get the exclusive pre-order bonuses on top of the general ones, and you’ll get the merch discount codes as well (if you pre-order before July 4). See our full Cyberpunk 2077 pre-order guide for more information on the game’s special edition, collectible figures, and more.

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      The Division 2 Iron Horse Raid, Twitch Drops Are Live

      Following The Division 2’s Title Update 10 release recently, Ubisoft has now debuted the next major piece of content: Operation Iron Horse, an eight-player raid that is free for players who own the base game and (for now) the Warlords of New York expansion pack. Likewise, with players competing as part of the Race to World First competition, Twitch Drops have been enabled, allowing you to watch the action on Twitch and earn in-game items.

      In order to participate in Iron Horse, you’ll need to reach level 40 if you own Warlords of New York. Those who only have the base game can access a level 30 version of Iron Horse, but that won’t be released until July 7.

      Iron Horse tasks players with stopping the True Sons from manufacturing weapons intended to help them attack Washington DC. It’s set in a foundry and launches with a Normal difficulty mode. A Discovery difficulty option will be added “at a later date” and offer matchmaking for those who don’t have a group to play with.

      Ubisoft calls Iron Horse “the ultimate challenge” for players, saying it’s used the lessons it learned from the Operation Dark Hours raid to make for a better experience. It promises “new puzzles and mechanics” and insists teamwork is essential, leading to a somewhat over-the-top description of what to expect: “Operation Iron Horse will feature thought-provoking battles against enemies and bosses, driving Agents to determine proper fight mechanics and work with their teammates to execute the right strategy in order to defeat their enemies.”

      Of course, any high-end activity like a raid needs to come with worthwhile rewards, and while we don’t have a full list yet, Ubisoft did outline some of the Iron Horse loot:

      • Ravenous exotic double-barrel rifle
      • Regulus exotic revolver
      • Foundry Bulwark gear set
      • Future Initiative gear set
      • Other unique rewards

      Operation Iron Horse Race to World First

      As an added incentive for the Race to World First competition, Ubisoft has announced a prize awaiting the first team to complete Operation Iron Horse on each platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia. The group’s photo and names will be displayed in the White House for everyone to see.

      The Division 2 Twitch Drops

      Twitch Drops have now been enabled, allowing you to watch those attempting to beat the raid on your platform of choice and earn rewards. Twitch Drops will be available until July 2 at 5 AM PT, but bear in mind they’re only enabled for select Twitch streamers.

      The Division 2 News

      • The Division 2: Warlords of New York Season 2 Is Live
      • The Division 2 Iron Horse Raid, Twitch Drops Are Live
      • Division 2 Title Update 10 Patch Notes Released

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