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You can now Play MechWarrior 5 in VR

The virtual reality (VR) modding community has done well over the years to bring popular videogames into VR even though they weren’t made for the technology. This year has seen the likes of Doom3Quest arrive, with this weekend adding another to the list, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries.

Built by a modder called KITT, the MechWarrior 5 VRWARRIOR mod is now available through Nexus Mods, compatible with the Steam, Epic Games Store and Windows/Xbox Store versions of the title. Using a PC VR headset players can now properly step inside the hulking great battle mechs, stomping around environments doling plenty of destruction.

There are some caveats to the VRWARRIOR mod as it only supports in-mech combat sections, not the outside sections like the Hanger or the MechLab for example. This isn’t bad considering the mod is free, plus the whole point of enjoying mech combat in VR is being sat inside a cockpit illuminated with all sorts of buttons and dials. Check out the gameplay video below by YouTuber Ragesaq to see the VR mod in action.

That’s not to say aspects like the 2D menus aren’t being looked at in the future. “The feasibility of getting every single 2d menu/option/aspect created into a VR user interface is still being determined,” an FAQ notes. It’s worth pointing out though, you’ll also have to use a mouse/keyboard/joystick/gamepad setup as the mod doesn’t support motion controllers.

As all the work is provided free, you can support creators like KITT through their Patreon accounts, helping keep the community thriving.

MechWarrior 5 arrived back in May 2021, developed by Piranha Games Inc. Offering a single-player campaign and online co-op features the title has been well received by players and critics alike. As VR enthusiasts continue to develop mods like this, VRFocus will keep you updated.

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