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We’re Pretty Certain Master Hand Is The Announcer In Super Smash Bros

Have you ever wondered who exactly is the announcer behind the character select screen of Super Smash Bros? Well, after pondering over the evidence, we’re pretty certain it’s Master Hand.

Evidence #1: The Voice Actors

Since the beginning of the Super Smash Bros. series, there has been an announcer. In a dominant, almost godly voice, this personality speaks each character’s name. In Super Smash Bros. on N64, it was Jeff Manning, Dean Harrington was Melee’s voice, Pat Cashman voiced Super Smash Bros Brawl, and for the last two, it has been Xander Mobus. They all add their own personality to the role but what have they all got in common other than their credit as the announcer? They have all voiced Master Hand and Crazy Hand.

This leads to the theory that perhaps the Master Hand is declaring all the fighters on the battlefield before they are summoned. There would be different incarnations of Master Hand with all different voices. In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, we saw for the first time, multiple hands attacking our heroes during the opening of World of Light. They likely all have different voices and mannerisms that make them unique.

Evidence #2: The Intro of the First Super Smash Bros. Game

It’s nostalgic to boot up the Nintendo 64 and play the origin of this groundbreaking series just over 22 years later (yes, some of us are that old). Before jumping into battle, watch the introduction. The most iconic characters to ever grace a Nintendo console, Mario (here’s why you should play him) and Pikachu, are both grabbed by Master Hand from a box and are lying on the table like toys. Once Master Hand clicks his fingers, they come to life, ready to fight.

It seems like Master Hand is presenting a show and we’re a part of the audience. Like a wrestling match, he would proclaim who is joining the ring. The cool thing is that we control a hand cursor to pick our favorite characters on the roster, so there’s a connection between this intro and what we’re doing pre-game. Master Hand is the maestro and performance artist that is hyping up his audience. The Detective Pikachu movie writers have mentioned that they’d like to make a Super Smash Bros cinematic universe; perhaps this version would show that it really is Master Hand pulling the strings.

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