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This Week In Halo Infinite: Lost XP Boosts, John Carpenter Is A Fan, And Credits

343 Industries has a lot of work to do despite Halo Infinite's success. Fans have been vocal about the game's flawed progression system, expensive cosmetics, and rampant cheating. The team still hasn't been able to solve the lingering issues with the Big Team Battle mode either. But hey, John Carpenter thinks it's great, so that's something!

Halo Infinite Shop Changes Revealed, You Can Now Earn Credits

The developer informed fans about the restructuring of the game's economy and marketplace. This included an overall drop in prices and items previously available only via bundles being sold separately. "We focused on reducing the prices of our weekly bundles, while next week will have individual items starting to appear on their own. We will be trying new things throughout the rest of the season so that we can continue to learn and improve for the future," said community manager John Junyszek.

However, the biggest and most welcomed change that 343 will be making is the ability to earn Credits via the Battle Pass for season 2. You'll soon be able to buy cosmetics based on your in-game performance rather than shelling out your hard earned money, so it's time to git gud. "That means you will be able to earn Credits as part of your Halo Infinite progression," he confirmed.

XP Boosts Lost During Halo Infinite Server Outages Will Not Be Replaced

While these changes are still in the process of being implemented, the Battle Pass progression continues to move at a snail’s pace. XP Boosts are a boon for those looking to make headway, and it can be frustrating when they're lost due to no fault of the player. To add to that, Infinite's boosts work in real time as opposed to in-game time. Unfortunately, it appears that 343 will not be replacing any XP Boosts lost due to server outages.

“While we do not have the ability to give or replace the XP boosts you've lost during the server outage, we want to inform you that access to Halo Infinite servers has been restored,” reads an email by the game's support team to a player who inquired about this issue. There's an easy fix for this and hopefully the developer will incorporate it. The devs have shown that they've been listening to the community, and have been pretty transparent with updates.

Halloween Director John Carpenter Says Halo Infinite Is "The Best Of The Halo Series"

It's not just us normies that have been gushing over Halo Infinite, The Thing, Halloween, and Escape from New York director, John Carpenter is also full of praises about the game. "Halo Infinite is a fun shooter. Immense beautiful production design. Best of the Halo series," he said on Twitter. That's some praise, coming from the guy who created Snake Plissken.

Of course, people took note of this praise and followed up. "Thank you for dropping by Zeta Halo! We’re very glad you could join us," replied the official Halo Twitter handle. Meanwhile, Elon Musk did nothing to prove that he's not a robot, by simply replying, "Good campaign".

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