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The Biggest Gaming News For January 22, 2022

The news today has been incredibly varied to say the least. But there have been a few common threads. We heard quite a bit about endings today with a ten-year-old game on the one hand and a currently unreleased game on the other. Nintendo came up a lot as well. Somebody managed to get Grand Theft Auto 5 working on a GameBoy and the original headquarters will soon become a hotel. There were also some stories that came right out of left field like Randy Pitchford winning an award for Best Chief Executive Officer despite an incredible amount of mismanagement.

Assassin's Creed 3 Was Originally Supposed To End The Series On A Spaceship

The news broke this morning that Assassin’s Creed 3 was going to have the main characters, Desmond and Lucy, flying off into space after the world came to an end. The pair was apparently going to found a colony on some distant planet “as Adam and Eve.” This popped up in a paper by a Belgian researcher named Lars de Wildt who happens to have been studying how Ubisoft rebranded religion for a global audience. But we all know that Desmond and Lucy blasting off into space would make for a much more amusing research topic.

Nintendo's Original Headquarters Is Being Converted Into A Hotel

Nintendo started off as a playing card company in 1889. The original headquarters built by the Yamauchi family was nothing but a wooden shop. This became a brick building in 1933. While the company moved out in 1959, the property stayed in the Yamauchi family. The building was basically dilapidated by 2020. But renovations are finally underway in the aim of converting the former headquarters into a hotel. You won’t be treated to any suites themed after famous franchises, but you can book a room starting in April.

Horizon Forbidden West Has One Ending With "Some Nuances"

Horizon Zero Dawn had a single ending and Forbidden West is apparently going to be following suit. But the ending won’t be quite the same for everyone. “Forbidden West will have a single ending, very strong and impactful, but some nuances may change depending on the characters you have given space and attention to," Narrative Director Benjamin McCaw said. "In addition, on a couple of occasions, there will be very strong moral choices which will have extremely powerful consequences.” Better finish your loyalty missions.

Randy Pitchford Just Won An Award For "Best CEO" – Yes, Really

Randy Pitchford was given the title of Best Chief Executive Officer for his work at Gearbox. Yes, you read that right. Someone actually thinks that Pitchford is a good CEO. Tech Titans gave him the award as part of its aim to “celebrate companies and individuals in North Texas who are transforming the global technology industry.” This comes in the wake of several scandals including the discovery of a USB stick filled with sensitive documents that turned out to be nothing but pornography. Pitchford clearly has a lot of dirty laundry.

Someone Got GTA 5 Working On The Original Game Boy

Sebastian Staacks managed to somehow get Grand Theft Auto 5 working on a GameBoy. In order to pull this off, Staacks created a peripheral that fits into the console just like a game cartridge. This allows the GameBoy to receive a WiFi signal. Grand Theft Auto 5 is technically running on a PlayStation and streaming to the GameBoy, but the feat is nonetheless pretty impressive. Staacks however calls the invention “one of the most useless things I ever created.” As always, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

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