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Knoxlabs Enters the VR Office Space With NokNok

Originally beginning as a company making branded Google Cardboard headsets, LA-based Knoxlabs has continually expanded its product lineup over the years. The company has now ventured into social virtual reality (VR), or more precisely VR offices for those companies looking for a virtual meeting place.

The idea behind NokNok is to provide remote teammates an online office they easily access and collaborate in. To give that feel of a real world office space, offices in NokNok are accessed via an elevator where you punch in a meeting ID or room number via the number panel.

As any workspace requires NokNok features a range of useful tools to aid meetings, from a classic blackboard to write on, accessing web browsers, importing images/pdfs and more. While the main focus is on VR use, if a teammate doesn’t have a headset they can still join in just like they would in a normal video conferencing call.

“Our aim with NokNok is to bring a product that actually solves the hindrances of 2D productivity way of doing things with some real, practical VR-inclusive magic. We shy away from just extending the desktop or mobile experiences to a boundless 3D environment, where imagination rules; no paradigms of yesterday here. Expecto Patronum is what is necessary in the productivity space,” Taron Lizagub, Chief Scientist at Knoxlabs tells VRFocus.

“NokNok is not another run-meetings-in-VR experience. Think of NokNok as your team’s pocket dimension, always-on, hop in and hop out for things of team social or productivity,” Lizagub continues. “We know the constraints of VR and we know it’s power when used in the right bursts, so for now, we want to augment your workflow with a new essential social tool and have you use VR as you would a phone, on a need to VR-basis.”

While NokNok will be particularly useful for enterprise and educational use cases, it can also be used purely as a place for friends to hang out together. Demos can be requested now and check out the team testing NokNok in the video below. For further updates from Knoxlabs, keep reading VRFocus.

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