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Godfall Review – A Soulless Warrior

Backed by razor-sharp combat, Godfall is at its best when a boss steps into the arena. These foes put up good fights and push you to use everything in your arsenal. The back-and-forth clashes against these titans are intense and lengthy, demanding speed, skill, and strategy. When you eventually deliver a finishing blow, you’re rewarded with a feast of loot raining down in a dazzling showering of next-gen particle effects. The gear you obtain is almost always beneficial, giving you more powerful weapons and currency needed to make your existing equipment better. What comes next, however, is a daunting amount of repetition leading up to the next exciting boss encounter.

The meat on Godfall’s bones is little more than warriors with swords, but the visual stylization over that basic setup is beautiful and different. You’ll never once see a humanoid face; every character is outfitted in garish armors, usually themed after some kind of beast. These suits of steel have a stunning design, and convey the game’s unique blend of fantasy and science-fiction. The story, while beginning with a flashy cinematic of thousands of troops clashing on the battlefield, is surprisingly intimate, pitting your character, a fallen king named Orin, against his power-hungry brother Macros, who will destroy the world in his pursuit of becoming a god.

Loot is handled remarkably well and combat is fun, but the world, story, and missions don't have much of a pulse.

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