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Everything We Know About Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart is right around the corner, and Insomniac has been spilling details on the game at every opportunity. There’s a lot out there right now, so we’ve compiled a handy little collection of all the information that’s been released.

Firstly, the game launches June 11 at a price of $70, and it’s a PlayStation 5 exclusive, so there’s no backward compatibility a la Insomniac’s own Spider-Man: Miles Morales – this is strictly a Demon’s Souls-type situation.

With the basics out of the way, let’s dive into the more in-depth and intriguing information out there, from gameplay to accessibility, to the story to everything in-between.

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart features some pre-order bonuses but it should be noted that you can access the bonuses without paying later in the game. 2016’s Pixelizer is returning, a weapon that transforms foes into 8-bit spectacles, alongside Going Commando’s Carbonox armor, and you’ll get them right off the bat when you pre-order.

Then, there are the Digital Deluxe Edition perks. Ordering will get you five armor sets – Android, Rebel, Imperial, Hacker, and Scavenger – as well as a photo mode sticker pack, 20 Raritanium, the digital soundtrack, and the digital artbook. Raritanium is an upgrade material that, in the series, has historically been used to upgrade weapons. Aside from the Raritanium which will likely be found hidden throughout the game, you can’t get these  items in-game. However, if you purchase a physical copy, you can upgrade to unlock the additional content.

The main-line Ratchet & Clank series began on the PlayStation 2, ending on the PlayStation 3 with Into the Nexus in 2013. Three years later, the 2016 re-imagining of the very first game launched. With two timelines, many fans have been asking just what Rift Apart is a successor to, the original or the new?

Since it’s a multiversal jaunt, it’s hard to say, and Insomniac has been less than forthcoming, but it is said to be a perfect jumping-on point regardless. You don’t have to play any prior titles to get a grasp of the narrative. As for concrete answers for those who have played earlier games, Insomniac simply said it’s a sequel to both. The latest story trailer, however, seems to indicate that we’re following on from Into the Nexus. It’s also worth noting that the 2016 reboot is considered a retelling of the story by Quark, and many fans thus label it as non-canonical.

Following Into the Nexus, Ratchet is in possession of the Dimensionator, a device that lets you travel throughout the multiverse. The Lombaxes used it to banish the Cragmites but ended up having to use it on themselves in order to escape the lone survivor, Percival Tachyon, after he built up an army to exact revenge. This leaves Ratchet, Angela, and Azimuth as the seemingly last Lombaxes in the known universe.

Jump ahead to 2021 with Rift Apart and Nefarious yoinks it from the hands of Ratchet and Clank. In the midst of a fight over the device, the scientist hell-bent on galactic domination activates it, and the dynamic duo gets split apart in a new reality, one where Nefarious is the emperor of everything. Clank bumps into Rivet, and the two embark on a journey to find Ratchet so that the three can topple this evil regime.

That brings us to Rivet, the illustrious new Lombax. Evidently, she’s not from the universe we’re most familiar with, but who is she? There was speculation from TheGamer’s own Stacey Henley that she was an alternate version of Ratchet who was transgender, however in her later interview with Mike Daly, the game’s director, he confirmed that “Rivet’s identity is not part of the story”. This theory arose because she has a tail, a feature that’s exclusive to male Lombaxes – however, it seems like that was just a design oversight.

At any rate, she is an alternate Ratchet, another universe’s version, and no matter how it’s presented, she’s a female take on the character. In her world, she never meets a Clank, she has a metal arm, and she has a hammer, not a wrench. We’re bound to get plenty more variants of familiar faces and worlds, too, so keep an eye out for fan favorites like Skidd McMarx. As for how Rivet plays in, there’s a dual protagonist system where the two share credits.

There’s the aforementioned Pixelizer that’s been confirmed thanks to the pre-order bonuses, but we do know of other weapons appearing in Rift Apart. You buy them all from a Mrs. Zurkon storefront.  Here’s a list:

  • Blackhole Storm
  • Burst Pistol
  • Buzz Blades
  • Cold Snap
  • Drillhound
  • Enforcer
  • Glove of Doom
  • Lightning Rod
  • Mr. Fungi
  • Negatron Collider
  • Ricochet
  • Scatterbomb
  • Topiary Sprinkler
  • Void Repulsor

There’s an incredibly extensive amount of accessibility options included in Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. There’s far too much to list here, but you can check out the complete collection of all the options on Insomniac’s website.

Some of the noteworthy inclusions are the trigger options that let you decide how a weapon fires (default, hold, or toggle) with a togglable aim assist feature that can lock on to enemies whenever you pull the left bumper. Then there’s the auto-glide setting alongside a slew of other movement options. You can enable Hero and Enemy Shaders that transform the playable character, obstacles, and foes into solid colors to make them easier to see. There are ten to choose from.

You can also alter motion blur, film grain, FOV, and screen shake. As for the controller itself, you can completely remap buttons to your heart’s content, and designate macro-style shortcuts for specific actions.

Insomniac revealed every trophy for Rift Apart. There are too many to list here, but you can check out the complete collection of them at PowerPYX. Of note, we’ll be facing Doctor and Emperor Nefarious, there are gold bolts to collect, there’s an arena called the Battleplex, weapons cap at level five, and there are collectibles called CraiggerBears. 

In prior games, purchasing one set of armor unlocked the next, and they progressively improved in stats. This lent itself to late-game, million-bolt costing suits of unstoppable beef. However, the entire mechanic was absent in 2016, but it has returned in Rift Apart, albeit with a new system in place.

It’s not cosmetic, at least, not exclusively. You get three slots, helmet, chest, and boots, and filling these with pieces of the same set gets you bonus stats. Pictured above, we get a glimpse at the Lombax Praetorian set, a reference to the elite warriors of Ratchet’s people of which A Crack in Time’s Alister Azimuth was a member of.

Old planets are returning albeit in alternate forms. In a trailer dedicated to space travel, we saw Savali, Blizar Prime, Scarstu Debris Field, Sargasso, Torren IV, and Corson V. Sargasso previously appeared in Tools of Destruction with a facility dedicated to testing the Dimensionator, that very same device that Nefarious has in his possession. Torren IV, meanwhile, is from A Crack in Time and it’s where we first met Alister Azimuth, the Lombax turned tragic antagonist who is eaten up by guilt for taking in the Cragmite that would push his race into another universe.

There’s a device called the Rift Tether that lets Ratchet and Rivet manipulate holes in reality, leaping toward them, and Phantom Dash in which them moves to avoid attacks, creating multiple fades of himself. There’s also now wall running, a new means of traversal. Adaptive triggers, meanwhile, change the way that a weapon fires, while haptic feedback has been implemented to make use of the DualSense.

We also know that Insomniac wanted Rift Apart to have a similar sound to Thor: Ragnarok, and so they brought on composer Mark Mothersbaugh. It was also revealed that the game is 42 GB without the day one patch. You can pre-load on June 4. That’s everything we know right now about Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart. You can get it in just under two weeks.

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