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Devotion Review – An Exceptional And Frightening Homecoming

Devotion raised every hair on my body and had me questioning my decision to play it within the first few minutes of stepping into its twisted world. As I braved its dangers, I understood why it earned acclaim when it first launched in February 2019. Unfortunately, only days after that initial release, the game was pulled from online storefronts after a controversy surrounding an in-game joke at the expense of China’s president. Two years later, developer Red Candle Games has finally made Devotion available again. Horror fans who missed it the first time around shouldn’t wait; Devotion is a terrifying and memorable adventure worthy of its reputation. 

The bulk of this unnerving experience involves exploring a small apartment in Taiwan over the course of several years in the 1980s. You learn the tragic story of a family torn apart by marital turmoil, professional setbacks, and the stress of raising a chronically ill child. Gameplay consists of collecting clues and items to solve a series of well-made (and sometimes interconnected) puzzles that are satisfying yet stressful to complete because you know there’s usually something sinister waiting around the next corner. Movement is deliberate without feeling slow and that’s for a reason; every time I turned around was tense as I braced for the worst – and often found it.

Devotion is terrifying experience backed by a compelling narrative that has a a new lease on life after spending two years removed from sale. Horror fans would do well not to miss it a second time.

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