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Destiny 2: Season Of The Hunt Is Giving Me Monster Hunter Vibes And I’m Extremely Here For It

Destiny 2 and Monster Hunter: World — my two all-time favorites games to grind. Today, Season 12 began in Destiny 2, aka Season of the Hunt, and I’m struck by how much the new seasonal activity reminds me of Monster Hunter. The activity, called Wrathborn hunts, sends players on missions to lure, track, and vanquish monsters. It never occurred to me how many similarities there are between Destiny and Monster Hunter, but now that I’ve gotten a taste, I want to see Destiny go even further into the Monster Hunter fantasy.

Season 12’s Wrathborn hunts and Beyond Light’s Empire hunts are clearing taking a lot of inspiration from Monster Hunter. First of all, you have to prepare for a hunt. In Monster Hunter, you can’t simply go out in the field and hope to take down a Rathalos without preparing. You start by exploring the monster’s natural environment, studying its habits, and collecting information about its weaknesses. Once you understand the monster you can then prepare yourself to fight it by eating food, crafting weapons, and buffing yourself with potions.

Destiny 2’s hunts are the same: you have to prepare before the hunt can begin. In Empire hunts, you need to complete a number of objectives on Europa to draw out your prey. In Wrathborn hunts, you first need to charge up your lure by running playlist activities before it can be activated to lure out your target. These preparation cycles still fit into the traditional bounty-style progression of Destiny but they add some thematic flavor that makes each hunt feel like more than just another activity to grind. The preparation steps are an important part of the hunt in both games, but the similarities don’t stop there.

In Wrathborn hunts, you’ll travel to the planet where your prey lives and draw them out by activating your Cryptolith Lure on a weird growth that looks like a nest. Each hunt is specific to a zone, just as each monster is specific to a biome in Monster Hunter. Once you’ve lured them out, you’ll fight the target until they are weakened, at which point they will flee and you’ll need to follow their trail to track them down.

This was the moment it really clicked for me how much Wrathborn hunts were inspired by Monster Hunter. If you’ve ever played MH, you know that Monsters flee several times in every hunt and you have to follow their trail to catch up to them and continue the fight. I shouted “ITS A MONSTER HUNTER!” at my screen when the servitor I was fighting fled and I had to follow a trail of green slime to the next battleground.

The finale to the hunt is a pretty standard Destiny boss fight that doesn’t give off any more especially strong Monster Hunter vibes, but it’s worth mentioning that there are triumphs that can be earned for defeating the Wrathborn with specific weapons. Of course, using elemental weaknesses against monsters gives you a huge advantage in Monster Hunter. While the Wrathborn don’t have any particular weaknesses, this triumph is a nice nod to Monster Hunter’s “right tool for the job” design philosophy.

Destiny is a game that has always taken the best ideas and built upon them, and I’d love to see Bungie expand these mechanics in a future season. Monster Hunter is all about collecting monster parts to craft better gear, I think Destiny could work really well with materials that drop from specific enemies that are used to craft unique armor and weapons.

I never thought I’d see Destiny 2 become Monster Hunter, but it’s making me more excited than ever to get deep into Season of the Hunt.

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