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Book of Asmodeus Brings AR Nightmares to Life on Kickstarter

Augmented reality (AR) has limitless uses when it comes to merging the real and digital worlds together. Whether that’s combining exercise with an iconic gaming franchise or used as a marketing vehicle to giveaway festival tickets. Realic Inc. is using AR in another way, creating an interactive horror story where the book and its characters come to life.

The team are currently working on The Book of Asmodeus where you become the hero, fight monstrous demons and choose how the story develops. “Asmodeus is one of the “Seven Princes of Hell” who specializes in lust. 5300 years ago Asmodeus wrote a book that gave humans the ability to summon demons into their world. If you’re able to defeat said monstrosities, all of the world’s pleasures will be yours,” the backstory explains. But to succeed you’ll have to summon and beat 12 demons, even calling the help of others.

Each story begins by choosing an archetype with The Book of Asmodeus offering horror classics like the Jock, the Final Girl, the Fooler, the Nerd, and the Cheerleader. Each one will present different puzzles so there’s a good excuse to replay the experience several times. You’ll even be asked to take a selfie to put you inside the book.

Realic Inc. launched a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for The Book of Asmodeus in June aiming to raise $10,000 USD to help complete the project. That target was easily hit on the first day – in the first minute in fact! – almost tripling its target with a month left to go.

While there’s a digital funding tier for $29, the core of the project really revolves around the physical book and its 126 pages of demonic nightmares – currently available for $89 via the Early Bird tier. Boasting an original handmade with 3D printed and polymer clay cover (which does look the part), The Book of Asmodeus comes with artisanal binding, unlined pages, and a protective matte finish. Drop a lot more cash and you can even create your own demon for other players to encounter.

The Book of Asmodeus Kickstarter concludes in August with the book and any extras shipping in December 2021. As the campaign progresses VRFocus will keep you updated with the latest announcements.

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