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We played Quiplash 3 early and it’s just as funny as ever

There’s a reason Quiplash is one of the most enduring games in the Jackbox series. Playing is the game completely straightforward; just respond to the game’s ‘prompt’, be it a humorous question or a tantalizing fill in the blank. Then sit back and vote on the answer you find funniest. Whether your sense of humor is witty, crude, or just totally surreal, the game’s prompts are open ended enough that just about anyone can craft a funny joke. Inside jokes and call backs are nearly guaranteed to flourish in a game with friends, whether you play online or off.

Quiplash 2 was released over 4 years ago, and while many of the prompts are still timeless, a lot has happened since then. That’s why we were so excited to play a pre-release version of Quiplash 3 for the latest episode of Overboard. No, it’s not a board game in the traditional sense, playing Quiplash with friends is every bit the social experience we look for in our tabletop series. It’s also a great introduction for our newest video producer, Josh Ríos, which means we just had to play Fibbage: Enough About You as well. How else are we going to learn anything about our new coworker?

You’ll be able to play Quiplash 3, along with four other brand new games in Jackbox Party Pack 7, which releases digitally for pretty much everything on Oct. 15. If you enjoyed watching our faces play games, you can watch a whole lot more of our usually-tabletop-show Overboard over on YouTube. And if you want to see more Jackbox Let’s Plays, we’ve got a whole playlist just for you. While you’re there, be sure to subscribe to our channel, where we make videos that aren’t about board games or Jackbox.

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