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The Last Of Us 2 Behind-The-Scenes Footage Shows How They Recorded Real Horses

The Last of Us Part II’s lead animator, Jeremy Yates, has shared another neat behind-the-scenes video showcasing how Naughty Dog captured footage of real-world animals for the game.

In this newest video, Yates shows off a recording session for the horse sequences. Naughty Dog brought in real horses and built a special stage, featuring a lot of rubber mats, to have the horses run around on. In this video, we see one of the horses vaulting over an obstacle and another galloping through the stage. Take a look for yourself:

Another picture shows Ellie actress Ashley Johnson and Dina actress Shannon Woodward riding a horse-shaped rig for additional motion capture. The rig was set up to look like a unicorn.

Before this, Yates showed off some footage of very cute dogs wearing motion-capture suits for their own recording sessions for The Last of Us 2.

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