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The Last Guardian will only run at 60 fps on PS5 if you have the disc

Those looking to run The Last Guardian at a smooth 60 frames per second on the PlayStation 5 will have to own the game’s disc.

The Last Guardian was originally released without a frame rate cap, but this was later patched, setting the frame rate cap to 30 fps. According to a video by NX Gamer, the only way to surpass this is to run it on the PlayStation 5 using the physical disc.

That all being said, if you pre-ordered the disc-less version of the PlayStation 5, then you won’t be able to play The Last Guardian at 60 fps at all, unless another patch comes out to expand the frame rate cap.


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It’s unknown if other backward-compatible PlayStation 4 games will also have this problem where you need the physical disc in order to play in 60 fps, but this serves as a reminder that physical discs are nice to have.

Polygon has reached out to Sony for clarification, but has not yet received a response.

The PlayStation 5 will launch on Nov. 12, alongside several games like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon Souls.

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