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Last Of Us 2 Walkthrough Part 3: Seattle Day 1 – Capitol Hill (All Collectibles, Spoiler-Free)

Warning: We’ve ensured that our walkthrough contains minimal spoilers so you can still enjoy the game even if you need help finding collectibles. However, if you want to know nothing about the game before playing, you should stop reading now. You can always consult this walkthrough when you play the game a second time and want to find everything.

This is the third part of our expansive, spoiler-free walkthrough for The Last of Us Part 2 below. We’ll help you find every collectible, story item, weapon, and upgrade available in this section of the game–without spoiling the story or any encounters. Find everything you need to know below, covering the rest of Seattle Day 1, starting just after the Eastbrook Elementary portion.

There’s tons of more coverage of The Last of Us Part 2 for your enjoyment now that the game is out. For more parts of the walkthrough, be sure to check the list below. We’ll be publishing more parts throughout the next 12 hours, so we recommend bookmarking our The Last of Us Part II guide roundup, which we’ll keep updated with the latest walkthroughs and guides as they get posted. Be mindful of the spoiler block text in the list below, as the names for Parts 6 through 9 can be considered spoilers for early players.

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Seattle Day 1 – Capitol Hill

Though it’s not as big as the Downtown area, Capitol Hill has several buildings you can enter spread out forward and to the left of where you start. If you’ve found the two-story building with the bagel store, you’re nearing the end of this section. We’ll outline what you can find in the other buildings along the way.

Apartment Complex

You can check two apartments in the complex that includes the drained pool you’ll see as you leave the apartment building. Head past the pool to the right into Apartment 6, which you’ll find easily if you follow the trail of fresh blood. You’ll find the Chevy’s Apology artifact in the upstairs bedroom, on the bed. You can also access Apartment 3 just past Apartment 6 in another building. Look in the end table next to the couch to find the Kinnard, Esq. Trading Card.

Orange Apartment

Next, you’ll come into the parking lot of a motel. There are a few rooms to pillage, one of which has a locked door. To get into that one, go through the room beside it to the back and jump through the window. You’ll find another window you can climb through to get into the locked room. Inside, you can get the Rockafella Trading Card from off the floor near the trash can.

To the right of the motel, you’ll see another building; on the second floor is an open doorwall in an apartment with orange shutters. Use the nearby dumpster to climb inside. In the kitchen, check the drawer for the Raul’s Olive Branch artifact. Head into the bedroom to find the Trip Mine Bomb weapon on the bed.

Gas Station

Look around for a mess of supplies, as well as a Workbench in the garage section.

Book Store

Head inside and go into the cafe side of the building (you’ll hear clickers, but they’re behind a closed door). Look on the counter for the Rebecca’s Tipoff artifact. Look at the table near the front door to find a Stealth Training Manual beside a typewriter.

Head into the back and clear out the infected. Check the table near the doorway you entered, on the close side of the bathrooms, to find the Doctor Stem Trading Card.


Clear the infected and head to the back area. Check the lockers to find the Sergeant Frost Trading Card. Head through the two-story bagel store to find the exit for this area.

Liquor Store

Once you’re over the next gate, check the building just beyond where the clicker exploded. In the back corner is a display stand with trading card boxes, where you can find the Candelabra Trading Card.

Ahead you’ll find a spot where you can see the TV station but have to drop down. Instead, turn right and find a ladder that’ll take you up to a watchtower. Supplies are inside, along with the Tower Doodles artifact.

After dropping down to the river, continue until you spot the Feel Her Love graffiti. Turn around and check inside the nearby military truck for the Raul’s Account artifact.


After you walk along the river for a moment, you’ll come to an area with more tripwires. Divert into the nearby building, which you’ll quickly realize is a gym. Look for a corkboard at the back of the room with the dummies to find the Fran’s Refusal artifact. In the back, you’ll find a Workbench.

Thrift Store

Just past the gym on the other side of the street is another storefront you can enter. Check the left side for a shelf marked “Children’s” with the Bizarrebra Trading Card on it.

Make your way past the furniture to the back area. On the bulletin board, grab the Thrift Store Reminder artifact, with a safe code on it. The rest of the code is written on the bathroom wall. Continue into the back room to find a safe. The code is 55-01-33. You’re done with this area and should be able to push on to the TV station now.

TV Station – Channel 13

After you shimmy along the outside of the building, you’ll enter another set of offices. Go left from the door exiting to find a Kimimela Trading Card on an office desk.

At the top of the stairs, you’ll hear radio static as you explore more offices. To the left is a window with two bodies nearby. In the office beside that, find the Dad’s Pep Talk artifact on the couch. Open the door on the right when you’re ready to proceed.

Subway – The Tunnels

When you get into the subway train cars, push through all the way to the back. Look left for the Subway Note artifact. Leave the car by the nearby door and continue forward, crawling underneath a car ahead. Keep moving until you see a red-lit door on the right to go onward, but first, go past it alongside the crashed train car just ahead. Look down beneath the car on your right to find The Imp Trading Card nestled among the trash there.

Through the door, you’ll see an acid-scoured body that Ellie will comment on. Climb the nearby ladder and open the door at the top to find a Workbench.

Your first encounter with Shamblers is next. If you kill the Shamblers, linger near one of their bodies after clearing out the rest of the infected to get a Journal Entry. After using the chain to open the gate ahead, you’ll enter a long hallway. Take the first door on the right and press to the back of the room. You’ll find an area locked with a cage. To the right of the cage is a table you can crawl under, leading to a hole you can crawl through to get inside the caged room. You’ll find a Dr. Daniela Star Trading Card on the table beside the computer there.

You’ll find a break room connected to the cage room. Beside the blue door back to the hallway, check the table for the Whittled Statue artifact. Look on one of the tables in the back for the Locker Room Note artifact. Break the glass of the nearby soda machine to find the Soda Can Note artifact inside. You can open the locked combination door with the code 15243.

Keep moving until you hit another area with crashed train cars and flooded tracks. Head to the right through the first car, then slip through the gap between two cars. Here, turn left and look for a spot where you can crawl under and inside one of the crashed train car lying on its side. Once inside it, you’ll find an open suitcase to your left with the Bastet Trading Card on top of it.

Climb up on top of the red vending machine to get atop the next train car. Go inside the next car ahead and turn right, where you’ll find the Subway Station Note artifact pinned to the door.

The Theater

Head straight back from the entrance, over the bar to the glass cases behind it. Break the one on the right and check the bottom to uncover the Mortem Trading Card.

Next, turn left and look for the Program for Cassandra artifact on a crate against the left wall, beside the bathroom. Head upstairs to the balcony to find the Lone FEDRA Soldier Journal #1 artifact. Follow the hallway on the second floor to the barricade to find a Beyond Trading Card in front of it.

Head through the Employees Only door near the bar to find the Projector Room, which has the Lone FEDRA Soldier #2 artifact.

Once you get the keys into the audience section of the theater, climb onto the stage and look for The Sick Habit Flyer / Set List artifact on one of the black crates, before going behind the curtain.

Three Years Ago – The Birthday Gift

Check the placard in front of the statue for a Journal Entry. Make sure to pick up the hat in the gift area just inside the building. In the Giants of the Earth room, look in the alcove on the right near the bathroom to find a Nighthawk Trading Card.

On the upper floor, approach the round benches to get a Journal Entry.

After crossing the pool to the other building, turn right at the moose statue. You’ll find the Saura Trading Card under a nearby bench.

Further in, you’ll find a skeleton with a gun nearby and the Suicide Note artifact with it.

Continue to Part 4.

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