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Iron Man VR Adds New Game Plus And Several New Weapons

If you’ve already finished Marvel’s Iron Man VR but aren’t ready to leave the world of Tony Stark, developer Camouflaj has just what you need. The game has added New Game Plus as a free update, and that isn’t the only new feature included in the newest version.

Starting the game in New Game Plus mode will let you keep any unlocks you’ve acquired on your armor as well as any unspent Research Points. You can only activate this mode once you’ve beaten the game, of course, and there is a new harder Ultimate difficulty mode to try out, too. As you can now skip a few of the side missions and can skip cinematics–all with faster loading times in the game itself–it should be less-frustrating to play through the game again.

You can find eight new armor decorations in the Armor Station of your garage, though you need to complete challenges first. The launch-week-exclusive Iron Patriot is one of them, as well.

Several new weapons were added to the game, including a Continuous Beam Repulsor, the Micro Swarm, Gravity Bomb, and EM Charge Cannon. They should all help you to take down the hordes of enemies flying toward you in the air.

Iron Man VR is available exclusively for PS4. Tony Stark will also appear in Marvel’s Avengers, out September 4 on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, and PC, with Xbox Series X and PS5 versions coming later with cross-buy support.

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