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Ghost Of Tsushima Bamboo Strikes Location Guide: Where To Increase Resolve

Wandering the open world of Ghost of Tsushima gives you opportunities to find all kinds of useful weapons, armor, and knowledge to fight off the Mongol invasion. You can also increase your abilities by discovering locations hidden throughout the huge island of Tsushima. Hot springs increase your health, while Bamboo Strikes give you opportunities to increase your Resolve–a meter that allows you to heal in battle and to execute powerful special abilities.

Here’s a rundown of where to find all 16 Bamboo Strike locations to maximize your Resolve and amp up your combat capabilities to their maximum.

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  • Izuhara
    • Hiyoshi Bamboo Strike
    • Komatsu Bamboo Strike
    • Ariake Bamboo Strike
    • Tsutsu Bamboo Strike
    • Azamo Bamboo Strike
    • Kashine Bamboo Strike
    • Komoda Bamboo Strike
  • Toyotama
    • Akashima Bamboo Strike
    • Otsuna Bamboo Strike
    • Kubara Bamboo Strike
    • Kushi Bamboo Strike
    • Yarikawa Bamboo Strike
    • Umugi Bamboo Strike
    • Kamiagata
      • Endless Forest Bamboo Strike
      • Kin Bamboo Strike
      • Sago Bamboo Strike
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        Hiyoshi Bamboo Strike

        You’ll find this Bamboo Strike in Hiyoshi Springs, the first village you’re likely to encounter in Act 1 when you take on the Tale of Sensei Ishikawa. Look for it in the center of town.

        Komatsu Bamboo Strike

        Head to Komatsu Forge on the west side of Tsutsu. Look for colorful banners in the southwest end of the town.

        Ariake Bamboo Strike

        Find the Bamboo Strike in front of the house located southwest of Houren’s Pasture, just across the creek, to the south of Golden Temple.

        Tsutsu Bamboo Strike

        This one’s pretty much out in the open. Look for it on the bank of the river at Rustling Bend in Tsutsu.

        Azamo Bamboo Strike

        You’ll find this one on the east side of town in Azamo Bay. You won’t be able to access it until you’ve completed two tales, however: The Broken Blacksmith story tale in Act 1, and the Unfinished Business Tale of Tsushima that become available after it.

        Kashine Bamboo Strike

        This Bamboo Strike is atop the mountain at Wanderer’s Pass in Komoda; you’ll also find the White Dye Merchant there.

        Komoda Bamboo Strike

        The last Bamboo Strike is located in Komoda Town at the south end of the village.


        Akashima Bamboo Strike

        Your adventures through the main story tales at the beginning of Act 2 will take you to Fort Ito. Akashima Bamboo Strike is nearby, due east from Akashima Lighthouse that’s also nearby.

        Otsuna Bamboo Strike

        The story of Act 2 will take you to Jin’s hometown, Omi Village, in Kubara. Otsuna Bamboo Strike is right next to Sakai Manor, and you’ll probably find it as you work through the story.

        Kubara Bamboo Strike

        Kubara Bamboo Strike is located north of Lord Shimura’s hunting camp, which you’ll find as part of main story in Act 2, and west of Turtle Rock Shrine, near a watchtower. You’ll go here as part of the Fate of Tsushima main story tale at the end of Act 2.

        Kushi Bamboo Strike

        In Kushi, head northeast of Benkei’s Falls to find this Bamboo Strike.

        Yarikawa Bamboo Strike

        After you complete The Walls of Yarikawa tale as part of the Act 2 main quest, you’ll gain access to Yarikawa Stronghold. You’ll find the Bamboo Strike right behind the keep at the back of the stronghold.

        Umugi Bamboo Strike

        Head west of Umugi Cove, near the beach, to find the town’s Bamboo Strike.


        Endless Forest Bamboo Strike

        Look for this Bamboo Strike on the far east side of Kin, near the Kin Lighthouse.

        Kin Bamboo Strike

        Look for a small island in the middle of the lake just north of Kin Sanctuary to find the Kin Bamboo Strike.

        Sago Bamboo Strike

        Climb to the top of the mountain just south of Derelict Mine outpost in Sago for the final Bamboo Strike.

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