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Final Fantasy 14’s latest trailer teases upcoming story updates, Nier raid

The trailer for Final Fantasy 14’s next patch, 5.3, was shown Wednesday morning during a live stream by Square Enix. The trailer reveals many of the highly anticipated features of the upcoming patch, including a grim look at the main story quests.

The game’s story continues as Ardbert, the original Warrior of Light from The First, has his corpse taken over by Elidibus, one of the game’s central antagonists. The Crystal Exarch, everyone’s favorite cat boy, also seems like he’s in serious danger as he says things that certainly sound like a final request. Square Enix loves to bait us, though, so this could all be a set-up to get fans worrying over the wrong character.

The next Nier crossover alliance raid will also release with patch 5.3, and we were given a glimpse at 2P, the color-swapped version of Nier: Automata’s 2B, duking it out with more robots.

The next part of the Sorrows of Werlyt storyline will also be added to Final Fantasy 14 in this update, allowing players to fight one of Final Fantasy 7’s Weapons. A previous patch added Ruby Weapon, and now we’re set to fight the next one.

Patch 5.3 has been delayed several times due to the coronavirus pandemic, and is set to release on August 11.

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