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Fall Guys is getting a new final stage added to its rotation

A new final stage is going to be added to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout in an update on Wednesday.

Those who survive until the last level will have a chance to play Jump Showdown. Jump Showdown was included in the beta run of the game, so folks who were able to get a beta key may be familiar with it already.

The level involves jumping over and ducking under large horizontal poles, as you try to stay atop a circle-shaped platform. Unlike Jump Club, an earlier stage with similar mechanics, the platform in Jump Showdown will begin to fall away, forcing players to scoot closer and giving them less room to dodge. The last guy remaining will win the crown.

This means that if you make it to the last round, you’ll be faced with one of four game modes: Jump Showdown, Fall Mountain, Hex-a-gone, or Royal Fumble.

Wednesday’s Fall Guys patch will also include some bug fixes for frame rate issues and other bugs as well.

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