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Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer offers first look at Stasis powers gameplay

One of Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s most anticipated features is the addition of Stasis, a new element for the game. Stasis is the first new element in Destiny history, and adds both new powers for players to wield and a new burn for weapons — to go alongside Arc, Solar, and Void.

Players got a very short glimpse of the new powers when Bungie announced Beyond Light in early June. But the studio published a new trailer specifically focused on Stasis during Xbox Series X’s July Showcase.

We learned a lot more about how Stasis works, including Bungie’s three buzzwords: Create, Encase, and Shatter.

Ice powers

A Warlock wield one of Beyond Light’s new Exotics
Image: Bungie via Polygon

Throughout the trailer, we see Guardians use different grenades to create ice or freeze targets.

At 22 seconds, a Guardian throws a Stasis grenade into one of the pillars. When the grenade hits, it creates multiple ice platforms jutting out from the pillar on two sides. Fellow Guardians then use these platforms to jump up to a new group of enemies. This grenade looks like some kind of tube.

We see another kind of grenade 31 seconds into the trailer, which looks like a small cluster of ice. The Guardian throws this grenade into the ground, and it freezes all nearby enemies, completely stunning them.

At 35 seconds, the tube grenade from before makes another appearance. But this time, we see a Hunter throw it into the ground during a Crucible match. Ice erupts from the floor and launches the Hunter into the air. This grenade seems to have multiple uses, built around creating ice walls to help protect your teammates, boost them, or reach high places.

We don’t see our first Stasis weapon until 55 seconds into the trailer. A Warlock holds what looks to be an Exotic grenade launcher or shotgun that fires ice crystals. We later see the same weapon in the hands of a Titan. This looks like one of the Golden Age Exotic weapons seen on the Beyond Light page on Bungie’s website.


A Hunter uses their new Stasis powers to slam into the ground
Image: Bungie via Polygon

Hunter’s new Super ability uses climbing picks. At 26 seconds, the Hunter in the trailer throws the pick into a large group of powerful enemies — including several miniature versions of the Insurrection Prime raid boss from Scourge of the Past. When the pick explodes, it encases all the nearby enemies in ice.

At 35 seconds, the Hunter gives us a look at its new melee attack and how Stasis will work in PvP. The Hunter throws out a three-sided ice-glaive — different from the Hunter Super. The glaive hits a Warlock and Titan, both of which are in the middle of using their Arc Supers. The Hunter’s glaive bounces from one enemy to the other, slowing both of them and knocking them out of their Supers.

The Hunter then throws a second glaive, which bounces between the two enemies again — this time freezing them in place. Based on this clip, it seems Hunters have access to two of these powerful glaives as melee overrides, similar to the Knife Trick ability for Blade Barrage Hunters.

For PvP, it seems players may need to hit enemy Guardians twice with Stasis abilities to fully freeze them.

At 42 seconds, a Hunter jumps into the air and activates some kind of slam. The camera pulls out to third-person, and the Hunter summons an ice pick. The Hunter then plummets into the ground and shatters some frozen enemies.


A Titan activates their new Stasis smash
Image: Bungie via Polygon

Previously, the Titan Stasis Super is the one we knew the least about, but we get a great look at it 18 seconds into the new trailer.

When the Titan activates their Super, they cover their hands in sharp ice clusters and slam them into the ground. Ice shards ripple out from the Titan until they reach a group of enemies. Ice then explodes out of the ground, creating large ice pillars — similar to the ice barricades we see Guardians erect on the ground and walls.

The ice here seems to both destroy enemies and build walls for players to hide behind or stand on.

At 40 seconds, we see a Titan fly into a battle and smash some frozen targets, shattering them instantly with an area-of-effect smash.

At 47 seconds, a Titan runs forward and slides into a group of frozen enemies. Ice crystals form around the Titan as they slide, but it’s currently unclear if this is some kind of ability or just a way to shatter frozen enemies. Titans are the only class we see slide and create crystals like this, so it seems like this could be a part of their Stasis subclass.

At 53 seconds, a Titan leaps forward to punch an unfrozen enemy. As they jump, a small ice pillar stays behind them. It seems Titans have an ability, likely their melee, that propels them forward as they punch. This strike freezes the enemy.


A Warlock summons an ice staff mid-aid
Image: Bungie via Polygon

We don’t get a good look at any of the Warlock Stasis abilities until 40 seconds into the trailer. The Warlock — likely using a melee ability and not part of the Super — summons a staff made of ice. The staff fires a single ball forward, freezing several enemies at once. The staff then disappears and the Warlock draws their weapon again.

At 50 seconds, we see the Warlock activate their Stasis Super in earnest, jumping into the sky and summoning the same ice staff as before. In the next shot, we see a third-person view of the Warlock freezing and shattering nearby enemies with a pulse of ice.

This is everything we learned from the trailer. It’s currently unclear if enemies take more damage while frozen, but based on Bungie’s “shatter” buzzword, it seems likely. The Studio will likely share more about Destiny 2: Beyond Light and the Stasis subclasses closer to the expansion’s Nov. 10 release date.

Bungie also announced Destiny 2 and its expansions will come to Xbox Game Pass this fall, including Beyond Light later in the year. Destiny 2 will see improved performance on both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 later this year.

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