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Valorant’s upcoming ‘Ultra Edition’ skins turn weapons into living dragons

Riot announced a new line of Valorant skins on Thursday that are more complicated and elaborate than any other skins in the game so far. The new skin line is called Elderflame and they’re the game’s first “Ultra Edition” skins. The bundle appears to feature four gun skins and a knife, all themed after fire-breathing dragons.

The bundle includes skins for the Operator, Vandal, Frenzy, and what might be the Judge. While all of the skins have the same general theme, black-scaled dragons that breathe fire, each one appears to be its own unique “living” dragon.


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The Elderflame line, like many of Valorant’s other skins, will likely be bought with Valorant Points. In most of the previous bundles, players have been able to only buy the specific skins they wanted, rather than purchasing the whole bundle, and that’s likely to be the case here as well.

Valorant’s Edlerflame skins will be released onto the in-game store on July 12.

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