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Ubisoft's Battle Royale Game, Hyper Scape, Offers Double XP This Weekend

Hyper Scape, the new battle royale game from Ubisoft, is offering a double XP promotion this weekend. Now through Sunday September 20, players on all platforms will be doubly rewarded with experience, so it’s a good time to check out the game or return to it.

Ubisoft also confirmed that the newly revealed Turbo Mode, which speeds up matches by making all loot max level and increasing the speed of health regeneration, will be available throughout the double XP weekend and beyond. The limited-time mode will be available until Tuesday, September 22.


Developer Ubisoft Montreal has been steadily supporting the PS4, Xbox One, and PC game with extra content and new events, and you can check out the mid-season roadmap here to find out what will be available through the start of October.

GameSpot’s Hyper Scape review scored the game a 6/10.

“Hyper Scape is an okay battle royale game,” reviewer Jordan Ramee said. “The game has solid weapons and hero-like Hack abilities, but you’re at the mercy of being lucky enough to get what you need to have a higher chance of winning.”

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