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Ubisoft Will Tie Team Leaders' Bonuses To Creating "Positive" Work Environments

As part of Ubisoft’s latest earnings call, the company announced that “a portion of team leads’ bonuses will be tied to their ability to create a positive and inclusive workplace environment.” This new directive is in response to the widespread allegations of abuse and assault found within Ubisoft.

“While Ubisoft’s current performance and business prospects are stronger than ever, we nonetheless face a very serious challenge following the recent allegations and accusations of misconduct and inappropriate behavior within our Group,” Ubisoft said. “[We are] determined to make profound changes in order to improve and strengthen our corporate culture. We already have acted swiftly and firmly, announcing and introducing large-scale initiatives intended to transform our organization. Our overriding aim is ensuring that all Ubisoft employees have a safe and inclusive workplace environment.”

In order to improve its workplace, Ubisoft has implemented an action plan that intends to address the “frat-house culture” that seemingly exists at the studio.

Ubisoft also said a series of independent-led investigations are still ongoing, a reorganization of the studio’s editorial board is currently underway, a transformation of its HR processes is in the works, and two new positions–Head of Workplace Culture and Head of Diversity and Inclusion–have been created in order ensure a safe environment for all Ubisoft employees.

Since the allegations came to light, several high-ranking Ubisoft employees have either been fired or stepped down from their position. This includes Assassin’s Creed Valhalla creative director Ashraf Ismail, Serge Hascoet, Yannis Mallat, and Cecile Cornet, and several other executives–including former VP Maxime Beland.

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