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TimTheTatman Finally Wins In Fall Guys

After competing for hours, popular streamer TimTheTatman finally won a round of Fall Guys on Twitch. His inability to win since the game’s launch had become something of an ongoing joke, with the official Fall Guys Twitter account even poking fun at the situation. In the process of securing a win, Tim amassed over 300,000 views on Twitch, and the phrase “I was here” began trending on Twitter thanks to those who tuned in to watch it happen live.

Multiple brands expressed their support for Tim following his win, including Twitch itself, ESPN Sports, and many more. Tim’s stream accounted for more than half of Twitch’s overall Fall Guys viewership during his stream.

Tim has been competing with various other streamers like Nadeshot. Many other streamers have gotten wins and secured the hallowed Fall Guys crown except Tim–though that finally changed with this victory.

The entire situation initially started as a joke, with Tim consistently losing throughout his time streaming the game on Twitch. The official Fall Guys Twitter account shared memes of a potato-looking Tim eyeballing a Fall Guys crown. Additionally, the official Twitch Twitter account stated that it was “rooting” for Tim to finally win.

In other Fall Guys news, the game’s popularity continues to surge as more people flock to it. Developer Mediatonic has leaned into the fun by pretending to delete the yellow team, the one everyone apparently hates. Elsewhere, an unassociated mobile version is floating around and Mediatonic is warning players about it.

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