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The Division 2 Iron Horse Raid, Twitch Drops Are Live

Following The Division 2’s Title Update 10 release recently, Ubisoft has now debuted the next major piece of content: Operation Iron Horse, an eight-player raid that is free for players who own the base game and (for now) the Warlords of New York expansion pack. Likewise, with players competing as part of the Race to World First competition, Twitch Drops have been enabled, allowing you to watch the action on Twitch and earn in-game items.

In order to participate in Iron Horse, you’ll need to reach level 40 if you own Warlords of New York. Those who only have the base game can access a level 30 version of Iron Horse, but that won’t be released until July 7.

Iron Horse tasks players with stopping the True Sons from manufacturing weapons intended to help them attack Washington DC. It’s set in a foundry and launches with a Normal difficulty mode. A Discovery difficulty option will be added “at a later date” and offer matchmaking for those who don’t have a group to play with.

Ubisoft calls Iron Horse “the ultimate challenge” for players, saying it’s used the lessons it learned from the Operation Dark Hours raid to make for a better experience. It promises “new puzzles and mechanics” and insists teamwork is essential, leading to a somewhat over-the-top description of what to expect: “Operation Iron Horse will feature thought-provoking battles against enemies and bosses, driving Agents to determine proper fight mechanics and work with their teammates to execute the right strategy in order to defeat their enemies.”

Of course, any high-end activity like a raid needs to come with worthwhile rewards, and while we don’t have a full list yet, Ubisoft did outline some of the Iron Horse loot:

  • Ravenous exotic double-barrel rifle
  • Regulus exotic revolver
  • Foundry Bulwark gear set
  • Future Initiative gear set
  • Other unique rewards

Operation Iron Horse Race to World First

As an added incentive for the Race to World First competition, Ubisoft has announced a prize awaiting the first team to complete Operation Iron Horse on each platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Stadia. The group’s photo and names will be displayed in the White House for everyone to see.

The Division 2 Twitch Drops

Twitch Drops have now been enabled, allowing you to watch those attempting to beat the raid on your platform of choice and earn rewards. Twitch Drops will be available until July 2 at 5 AM PT, but bear in mind they’re only enabled for select Twitch streamers.

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