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Superhot Franchise Bundle Going For Cheap Right Now, Including The Latest Game

With the recent release of Superhot: Mind Control Delete, Steam has discounted the entire franchise. If you owned the original Superhot on Steam prior to Mind Control Delete’s release, then you’ve already got yourself a free copy of it. However, if you’re new to the series, this is the perfect opportunity to get into one of the best indie franchises out there.

The Complete Superhot Bundle is currently $31.48, down from its regular price of $75. It comes with Superhot, Superhot VR, and Superhot: Mind Control Delete. You can also snag each individual game at a discount if you’re only interested in buying one. Superhot is $10 and Superhot VR is $17, while Steam keys for Superhot: Mind Control Delete are $13.74 at Fanatical–that’s more than $10 off the brand-new game.

The Superhot games are first-person shooters that revolve around a simple concept: Time only moves when you do. Enemies rush you as you move around the level but freeze in place when you stop moving. This means when you shoot a bullet, you have to make sure your desired target is going to be in the bullet’s trajectory–this also means you’ll be dodging bullets in slow-motion as if you’re in The Matrix. You can also utilize bottles, bats, and other objects and weapons to defeat your crimson enemies.

The latest game in the series scored a 7/10 in GameSpot’s Superhot: Mind Control Delete review. Critic Justin Clark praised the series’ core gameplay, which is still intact, and the various new hacking perks. However, he didn’t feel that the roguelike elements meshed well with the trademark Superhot gameplay.

“The best things about Mind Control Delete are the ones that enhance what made Superhot stand out as a cunning deconstruction of action games and those who play them,” Clark wrote. “There’s quite a ton of that here, and, as mentioned, in small doses, it’s a pulse-pounding, worthy companion to both Superhot and Superhot VR.”

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