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Rainbow Six Siege's M.U.T.E Protocol Event Has Been Reactivated

M.U.T.E Protocol, the latest limited-time event in Rainbow Six Siege, was deactivated almost as soon as it went live last week due to an exploit that turned players invisible. A hotfix has now gone live to fix the exploit, and M.U.T.E Protocol is back up and available to play.

As a result of its deactivation, the special event’s schedule has been rearranged. M.U.T.E Protocol will now end at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET on August 24, giving players time to hop in, play the unique mode, and earn new rewards. As compensation for the temporary deactivation, Ubisoft is also granting players who logged into Siege between August 4 (7 AM PT / 10 AM ET) and August 10 (11 AM PT / 2 PM ET) a free collection pack in the next few days. Due to technical limitations, however, challenge progression could not be extended and will instead be reset and reintroduced today.

M.U.T.E Protocol transports Siege into the retro-future, pitting robot against robot in a brand new mode. Set on the Tower map, it tasks the attacking team with securing two different areas while the defending team splits their resources in an attempt to stop them.

The special thing about this event is each operator’s use of advanced technology. Attackers are able to switch between operator and drone forms by entering and exiting Observation Tools. While controlling your drone, your operator is nowhere to be seen, and when you switch back, they’ll be where your drone was. Defenders, on the other hand, can use bulletproof cameras to travel digitally. Opening Observation Tools will make your operator enter the network and exiting them will make them appear in front of the last controlled camera, allowing you to navigate the unseen electronic pathways.

The event comes with its own collection of 26 items, featuring exclusive customisation for operator’s Jackal, Lion, Ying, Kapkan, Mira, Mute, Oryx, and Vigil. You can earn M.U.T.E Protocol packs through a special event challenge or purchase packs for 300 R6 Credits or 12500 Renown.

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