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Rainbow Six Siege Seemingly Teased For Xbox Game Pass

One of the biggest multiplayer shooters of the generation could be coming to Xbox Game Pass, if the service’s official Twitter account is hinting at what we think it is. Rainbow Six Siege has millions of players, and it looks like some more Xbox players are going to get access for free.

A post on the Xbox Game Pass Twitter features no text, but instead an image of a massive six-band rainbow and a siege weapon placed outside a castle. That could be a big coincidence, but it almost certainly means the game is coming to Xbox Game Pass. Because Ubisoft is supporting free next-gen upgrades for Rainbow Six Siege and several other recent games, you’ll likely be able to play the Xbox Series X and Series S version on the new systems, too.

Microsoft is no stranger to silly teases for new Xbox Game Pass additions. It did something similar with Doom Eternal just as Microsoft purchased Bethesda. In that case, it was with a hidden “The Slayer is Coming” message hidden in the copy of an email.

Ubisoft is shaping up to have a very busy holiday season. Watch Dogs: Legion releases on October 29 before coming to the next-gen systems at launch, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is out on November 10. Immortals: Fenyx Rising then arrives on December 3, and the cooperative-focused Rainbow Six Quarantine is also in the works.

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