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Madden's Temporary Name For The Washington Redskins May Stick Around For A While

Earlier in July, EA announced that Madden 21 would be removing all references to the Washington Redskin’s name and logo and would use a generic team name instead after the NFL team announced that it would retire the name. That generic name will stick around longer as ESPN reports that the Redskins are temporarily changing their name to the Washington Football Team, effective immediately.

This name will be used in the interim until the team finds a new name. They hope to have a new logo and brand in the next 50 days, before their season opener on September 13. The Redskins helmet logo will be replaced with gold player numbers. Washington will keep its current uniform color scheme as shown in the images below.

The Redskin name, which is a slur that refers to native americans, has been widely criticized, but NFL and team management regularly defended it. Team owner Daniel Snyder finally agreed to change the name after pressure from investors and widespread outrage after protests over the killing of George Floyd. EA announced that the name wouldn’t appear in Madden 21 soon after.

Madden 21 launches on August 25 so the removal of the old team name and logo will come as an a day-one update to the game when players first connect to online services. EA is working towards removing all references to the old team name, but there might be some still left in the game on launch day.

Madden 21 will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on August 25, with next-gen versions available on the Xbox Series X and PS5 at a later date. You can learn about the game and its pre-order bonuses in our Madden NFL 21 pre-order guide.

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