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Last Chance To Claim Escape From Tarkov Gifts And 25% Off Discount

Battlestate Games, the studio behind Escape From Tarkov, is celebrating its birthday this week. As a thank you to its fans, the team has marked down all preorder editions of the game by 25%, but you only have a few hours left to take advantage of it. The sale ends today, October 16 at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET. This is also your last chance to claim your free in-game gift bundle—another token of Battlestate’s gratitude.

The sale comes ahead of the highly-anticipated Escape From Tarkov 12.8 update, which was supposed to go live this week, but had to be delayed last-minute due to “unforeseen bugs” and other issues.

How To Claim Escape From Tarkov Gift

To claim your free Escape From Tarkov gift, head to your Battlestate Games profile, scroll down to where it says “Additional ingame equipment,” and click “Receive” on the newest bundle. Don’t forget to also claim any leftover gifts you may have missed from prior events.

Then, load up Escape From Tarkov and head to your in-game messages. You should have a message from SYSTEM stating, “Here is a small gift to celebrate the birthday of our company! Good luck in Tarkov!” Hit the “Get’ button to receive the package. You’ll be taken to an inventory screen with a showcase of the free gift items on the left and your own stash on the right.

How To Claim 25% Off Escape From Tarkov Preorders

There are several editions of Escape From Tarkov available to preorder, which we’ve broken down in our Escape From Tarkov preorder guide. Each one, including the $140 Edge of Darkness Limited Edition, is 25% off until October 16 at 2 PM PT / 5 PM ET.

Just head to the Escape From Tarkov preorder page to purchase yours, but remember to login to your Battlestate Games account first for more accurate prices. If you already own the Standard edition of Escape From Tarkov (or any of the middle tiers), the pricier editions will be listed at a lower price because you’d be upgrading from your current version. For instance, if you own the Standard edition already, it usually costs $95 to upgrade to Edge of Darkness, but with the 25% off applied, it’s now just $71.25.

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