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Halo Infinite’s weekly challenge: die a lot

Halo Infinite multiplayer has had some growing pains throughout its inaugural season. Despite universal praise for its gameplay, some of its trimmings could use a bit more attention. Challenges are one area that have struggled to match the high watermark of the rest of the game. And the weekly Ultimate Challenge on offer right now is the epitome of that.

As a refresher: Each week players are granted 20 Challenges (which are varying degrees of annoying to complete). Finishing them all unlocks an Ultimate Challenge. Completing that will grant some sort of cosmetic, a reward for your thoroughness.

This week’s Ultimate Challenge rewards a pretty nice gun skin for the combat rifle, a valuable reward given how often you’re carrying that thing around. But to unlock it, you’ll need to complete three Fiesta Killjoys.

What is a Fiesta Killjoy?

To net a Fiesta Killjoy, you’ll need to kill someone in Fiesta who is currently on a Killing Spree. A Killing Spree requires someone get five kills in a row without dying.

You see why this might be a problem?

Now sure, you will probably get a Fiesta Killjoy just by playing the game and not really thinking about it, but it might take you 20 matches to randomly get three of them, which is easily a few hours of gameplay. And remember, at this point you’ve already played quite a bit to complete all the other Challenges.

There is, I’m sorry to say, a faster way.

How to get Fiesta Killjoys quickly

In short: You should die. A lot. This works especially well if you’re playing with three other people who have also agreed to die a lot. Once the other team has loaded up on your pacifist squad (ideally at least five kills per enemy squad member), you can start taking them out. Each kill will net you one Fiesta Killjoy, and with four enemy squad mates, that’s the Challenge complete in one match.

Obviously if you’re playing with friends and cooperating to speed up your deaths, you’ll want to do a few more matches to make sure everyone has the Challenge done and dusted. But it shouldn’t take more than three matches to finish the weekly Ultimate Challenge.

It probably goes without saying that this sucks, and Halo Infinite’s developers really need to reconsider whether Killjoys are a rewarding Challenge requirement. But until they do, you’ll just have to die a lot.

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