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Halo Infinite Partnership With Mondo Teased For Reveal At Comic-Con This Week

Mondo, the American art company that makes collectibles, posters, apparel, and more, has teased a collaboration with Microsoft for Halo Infinite.

Mondo will make some kind of Halo Infinite announcement on July 24 as part of the virtual San Diego Comic-Con, known as Comic-Con At Home. July 24 is one day after the July 23 Xbox Series X showcase where Microsoft will show more of Halo Infinite’s campaign.

There is no word on what Mondo might be creating for Halo Infinite, but the company is well known for selling very stylish posters for The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, among others. Mondo has worked with numerous big-name pop culture franchises over the years, and Halo is just the latest.

Given that merchandising is a big part of the Halo series, you can expect further partnerships beyond Mondo. Microsoft has already announced a partnership with Mega Bloks for new Halo Infinite toys, and the latest batch leaked some story details about the game.

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