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Fall Guys Is Crushing It On Steam, Becomes Third Most Popular Game On The Platform

The whimsical and colorful battle royale game Fall Guys appears to be gaming’s next breakout hit, and it’s doing exceptionally well on Steam with more than 2 million copies sold so far.

People are sticking with the game, too. Steam’s publicly available user data shows that Fall Guys had a breathtaking 136,645 peak concurrent players on August 12, making it among the most popular games on the entire platform. For comparison, only Valve’s own free-to-play titles Dota 2 (600,930 peak) and CS: GO (884,995 peak) had higher concurrent player counts for the day.

With a peak of 136,645 players, Fall Guys paced ahead of other popular games such as Destiny 2 (107,756), Rainbow Six Siege (100,041), Team Fortress 2 (65,140), and others on August 2. Its peak concurrent player number for the day was very close to reaching GTA V’s 145,528, which is a very impressive feat.

With 2 million sales, Fall Guys became the most successful PC release of all time for developer Mediatonic and publisher Devolver Digital. On PC, Fall Guys remains at the top of Steam’s “Top Sellers” chart, more than a week after release. Fall Guys is also available on PlayStation 4 where it is currently free for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

GameSpot’s Fall Guys review scored it a 7/10. Reviewer Alessandro Barbosa wrote, “With its short games and easy-to-grasp mechanics, Fall Guys is easily the most approachable and welcoming battle royale yet.”

It hasn’t been totally smooth sailing, however, as cheaters are flocking to Fall Guys to try to get the upper hand.

Looking to the future, Mediatonic recently said they would “love” to bring Fall Guys to other platforms, potentially Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

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