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Bungie Cancels Destiny 2 Solstice Of Heroes Challenge Following Reward Bug

We’re a week into Destiny 2’s summer event, the Solstice of Heroes, but things haven’t gone quite as smoothly as Guardians and Bungie would probably have liked. A bug is afflicting the new event, messing up some of its rewards. As a result, Bungie has disabled a weekly challenge for the Solstice of Heroes, and we don’t know when it’ll be back online.

The offending challenge is the one that rewards you with Powerful gear for heading to the special location that’s part of Solstice, the European Aerial Zone. There, defeating bosses and unlocking Solstice Packages can earn you a weekly reward if you speak with Eva Levante in the tower. Bungie said on Twitter that those rewards aren’t going out correctly. Until it’s fixed, the challenge has been disabled–presumably to save you from wasting your time completing it, only to receive nothing.

For players working their way up to the current soft Power level cap of 1,050, that’s a bummer, because Powerful rewards are the most reliable way to make that climb. The good news, however, is that Bungie disabling the challenge doesn’t mess with the big goal of the Solstice of Heroes event: unlocking and upgrading the special Solstice armor.

The Solstice armor requires a lot of grinding to unlock, earn, and upgrade to its full potential. You’ll need to complete a number of different activities throughout the solar system, including knocking out Crucible and Gambit matches, taking part in Strikes and Nightfall: The Ordeal runs, and earning rewards in the EAZ. Even though the weekly challenge has been disabled, the EAZ is still available and still dishes out Solstice packages and other rewards. That means your progress on your Solstice armor shouldn’t be hampered.

We’ll keep an eye out for updates from Bungie about when the Solstice weekly challenge might be restored, and what other bugs the developer might need to squash during the Solstice of Heroes. The event runs until September 8, so you should still have plenty of time to get all of its rewards before its end.

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