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Bethesda to retire its games launcher, migrate titles over to Steam

The Bethesda.net Launcher, which since 2016 has served as a place for players to purchase and launch games made by the publisher, will soon be coming to a close. Bethesda announced on Tuesday that the launcher will be sunset later this year, after a process that starts in early April. Players will have plenty of opportunity to migrate their games and funds to Steam, as well as many of their saves.

The migration to Steam will include fans’ game library and wallet, so nothing should be lost with the launcher’s retirement. Players’ Bethesda.net accounts will remain active; some games may still require you to log in for save files, in-game cosmetics, or access to a mod library.

While the process to transfer Bethesda games to Steam begins in early April, the launcher itself will no longer launch games in May. (Players will retain access to these games and can migrate them at any time; they simply won’t be playable through the launcher.) Saves, cosmetics, in-game currencies, and progress in Fallout 76’s seasonal model will be able to transfer over to Steam as well, with one exception: saves in Wolfenstein: Youngblood which are “currently unable to transfer.”

Bethesda’s news post includes a more thorough FAQ, including a specific one for Fallout 76. As for the publisher’s other large, live service game, the post states that “The Elder Scrolls Online is unaffected by this change.”

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