MAD Lions secure first in LEC standings with win over Rogue

Rookies no more.

After a tense 32-minute game between the two top League of Legends teams in the 2020 LEC Summer Split, MAD Lions broke from the pack and defeated Rogue today, becoming the undisputed leaders of the LEC rankings.

MAD Lions came back this split stronger than the last, showing that they are more than worthy of claiming one of the top spots in the LEC. Yesterday, MAD showed up with a clean win over Origen, a game in which all eyes were on Humanoid and his outstanding performance with Orianna. Today, they claimed their second win of the week over Rogue and placed themselves as the top team of the rankings.

Rogue, on the other hand, made a big statement yesterday defeating Fnatic, which earned them a tied spot with MAD Lions. Although Rogue showed strong communication and synergy in both games, MAD Lions proved through and through that they were the better team.

MAD Lions gained a slight advantage over Rogue in the early game today, getting the ball going with a 2,000 gold advantage and two dragons. The creativity in their plays presented a challenge in which Rogue had to find windows of opportunity. MAD Lions kept ramping up, however, and the game for Rogue became a matter of survival.

A victorious fight in the bot lane at the 30-minute mark gave MAD Lions the push they needed to invade the enemy Nexus and take the win.

The incredible performances from Humanoid, Kaiser, and Shad0w earned them nominations for KIA Player of the Game, with a close final majority vote for Shad0w at 41.8 percent.

MAD Lions end week three with a clean 2-0 and a sweet spot at the top of the standings. Catch their next game on Friday, July 3, as they face Schalke 04 at 1pm CT.

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Maister wins Smash Ultimate Singles at Ultimate Naifu Wars #13

Enrique “Maister” Hernández Solís won Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Singles at Ultimate Naifu Wars #13 on June 26. It was his third consecutive online tournament victory and his second consecutive victory at one of Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada’s tournaments.

Maister predictably swept through pools, entering top 64 on winners side after a 2-0 win over Aaron “Asaladbar” Salazar. Even more impressively, Maister continued his clean sweep throughout top 64. He defeated Robert “Myran” Herrin, Angel Nunez (formerly known as “tAngelt”), and Markus “ShinyMark” Florido without dropping a game. Afterward, Maister found himself on winners side of top 8.

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      In Winners Semis, Maister beat Spencer “BestNess” Garner 3-1, marking Maister’s first game loss of the tournament. As it turned out, that was also Maister’s last game loss of Ultimate Naifu Wars #13. He proceeded to 3-0 Ricardo “Sinji” Mathison in both Winners Finals and Grand Finals. As a result, Maister won the event while only dropping a single game.

      Other results from Ultimate Naifu Wars #13

      Sinji had the best online tournament performance of his Smash Ultimate career, placing 2nd at Ultimate Naifu Wars #13. On his path to top 8, Sinji beat Noah “Sharp” M. 2-0, “Sonix” 2-1, and Adrian “Guts” Gomez 2-1. From there, he beat Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez Perez 3-2 and BestNess 3-1.

      MkLeo made a solid run to 5th place at Ultimate Naifu Wars #13, even reaching top 8 on winners side. Notably, he did so while playing almost exclusively Greninja, a character he has not used in any major offline event. In the process, MkLeo beat Brett “8BitMan” Esposito, Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby, and Myles “MiLe” McKenzie. He didn’t drop a single game until he reached top 8, where he lost five-game sets to Sinji and Sonix.

      Myran and Yezre’el “Yez” Askew both had impressive runs to top 8, despite entering the losers bracket fairly early. Myran placed 7th, defeating Luis “Lui$” Oceguera, Jonas “JoJoDaHobo” Ashby, Dabuz, and David “LeoN” Leon. Yez placed 5th, defeating Colin “colinies” Landals, Mark “MarkTheSDking” Simien, Angel, Jade “Middy” Vong, Guts, and MiLe. MiLe had a respectable 7th place finish himself, beating “IcyMist”, Yez, Gabriel “Epic_Gabriel” Romero, and Rick “Rickles” Aguayo.

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      Xbox Series X July Games Event Hyped Up By Microsoft Exec

      Microsoft’s next Xbox Series X event is poised to be the biggest and most exciting one yet. During the company’s July Xbox 20/20 event, Microsoft will showcase a series of first-party Xbox Series X games, including Halo Infinite. The company may also use the show to reveal the long-rumored all-digital next-generation Xbox. A Microsoft executive has teased what to expect, and it sounds like fans are in for a big show. Given that we haven’t seen first-party Xbox Series X games for extended gameplay sessions yet, this could mean that’s what we’re getting at the show. Of course, we’ll have to wait and find out.

      Xbox marketing director Aaron Greenberg–who heads up planning for these events–said on Twitter that Microsoft conducted an internal review of the event just this week with Phil Spencer. The team at Microsoft is “working hard on it,” but Greenberg said the company isn’t ready just yet to announce more details, like a date or a rundown of what will be shown off during the program.

      “Team working hard on it,” Greenberg said to a fan on Twitter who asked for an update. “Good content review today in fact with the big boss. We will share more details when all is locked. Kindly ask for patience in the meantime.”

      Microsoft’s first Xbox 20/20 show in May focused on third-party games, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The show failed to live up to the hype, and Greenberg acknowledged that Microsoft set the wrong expectations for the event. Fans will be understandably looking for a stronger event in July, and with Halo Infinite leading the way, it seems like Microsoft is poised to deliver the goods.

      Halo Infinite is the first mainline entry in the series since 2015’s Xbox One game Halo 5: Guardians. Microsoft created an entirely new engine, the Slipspace Engine, for Halo Infinite, and the company is promising to deliver an exciting new experience with the game.

      Microsoft now operates 15 game studios, and all of them are working on titles for Xbox Series X. In addition to Halo Infinite from 343 Industries, we know Ninja Theory is making Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 for Xbox Series X using Unreal Engine 5, while Sea of Thieves developer Rare is making a new game called Everwild. Additionally, Microsoft’s new studio The Initiative has teased a new project coming from the writer of Red Dead Redemption. Some of the rumored games for Xbox Series X include Fable 4 and a new Forza title.

      We’ll report back with more details on the Xbox 20/20 event for July when they’re announced.

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      EA Will "Double Down" On Star Wars Games From Now On

      With Star Wars, EA has one of the most sought-after licenses in all of entertainment–and the company plans to take full advantage of it. In a “fireside chat,” EA executives spoke about how the company plans to “double down” on Star Wars after the huge success of Star Wars: Battlefront 1 and 2, Galaxy of Heroes, and Jedi Fallen Order more recently. That continues with a new game out this October, and it sounds like a return to space combat will just be the start of EA’s new plans for the franchise. This is despite several canceled projects over the years, including a scrapped third-person action game that resembled the also-canceled Star Wars 1313.

      “Up is my hope–up and to the right,” EA CEO Andrew Wilson said about where he hopes the company will take Star Wars in the future. “We have a tremendous relationship with Disney. We have a tremendous relationship with Lucas. We have a longstanding relationship with them going all the way back to Star Wars The Old Republic that we launched in 2011.”

      Wilson called out Star Wars: Battlefront 1 and 2 as top-performers from EA’s partnership with Disney on Star Wars. Those games have combined to sell around 35 million copies, he said. Wilson added that the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has enjoyed “extraordinary” success, and it continues to perform well. Additionally, Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order sold 10 million copies to stand out as another big success. Battlefront 2’s success is despite early troubles related to microtransactions.

      EA’s next big Star Wars game is Star Wars Squadrons. A dogfighting game, Squadrons is going after a smaller market than Battlefront or Jedi Fallen Order, Wilson said. EA CFO Blake Jorgensen said the company is not planning to disclose its sales projections for the title. It will release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

      Even if Squadrons doesn’t sell as well as EA’s other Star Wars games, Wilson said he’s happy about the breadth of games that EA has created from its partnership with Disney and Lucas.

      “We’ve had success in first-person shooters, in RPGs, in action adventure, in MMORPGs, in mobile, and I believe we’re going to have success with Squadrons as well,” Wilson said. “We’re going to double down on that partnership. Disney continues to be very very committed to the IP and to the canon.”

      Wilson added: “We’ve got the combination of great IP, great development expertise and experience and success from us across genres, across platforms, across business models. And we’ve got new generations [of fans] coming to the IP all the time. So our expectation is we think there continues to be a really really strong opportunity in an around that relationship and that IP going forward.”

      Jorgensen went on to say that EA is in a rare position where it’s been allowed to create entirely new characters and content for the Star Wars universe thanks to its strong creative partnership with Disney. For example, Jedi Fallen Order features a number of new characters that are canon, while Squadrons will take players to places in the Star Wars galaxy that have never been seen before.

      EA’s history with Star Wars hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing, however, as Battlefront II was heavily criticized ahead of release for its use of microtransactions and loot boxes. In response, EA removed loot boxes from Battlefront II for its public release, and while microtransactions later returned, players could no longer use real money to buy loot boxes that could contain items that affected gameplay.

      This controversy kicked off a renewed debate about loot boxes in video games–many politicians even took notice and lobbied to enact laws surrounding their implementation. That never came to be, but the ESRB now includes a notice about in-game purchases on video games sold in the US.

      Looking ahead, EA may face more criticism in the coming years if it implements new betting systems like it has recently proposed.

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      Dying Light: Hellraid DLC, Based On Unreleased Game, Is Out In July

      Several years ago, Dead Island and Dying Light developer Techland announced the first-person fantasy combat game Hellraid. It was set to be a violent and brutal action game and even received a puzzle spinoff title for mobile, but it was ultimately shelved as Techland moved forward with Dying Light 2. However, it will live on as DLC for Dying Light, and you’ll be able to play the new content next month.

      Out July 23 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Dying Light: Hellraid is accessed through an eerie arcade machine within the Tower in Dying Light. You’re sent directly to Hell after using the machine and can battle against demons using axes, hammers, and swords. The DLC has its own Hellraid rank as well as bounties that you can complete for additional rewards.

      As with the main game, you can play Dying Light: Hellraid either cooperatively or solo. Up to four players can slaughter demons together.

      Curiously, Hellraid itself has never been officially canceled. The Steam page for the DLC describes it as “on hold,” suggesting that the project could be revived in the future. Gauging players’ interest via the DLC could help to get the wheels turning on the game, though Techland already had to delay Dying Light 2 in order to give it more development time. Narrative lead Chris Avellone also recently left the project following several sexual misconduct allegations.

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      Animal Crossing: New Horizons Includes Swimming In Summer Update

      Animal Crossing: New Horizons is getting the first part of its free summer content update on July 3, including the ability to swim and hunt for new marine life. You’ll be able to explore even more of the world and see plenty of new creatures. Nintendo even has more plans for a second summer update later on.

      Wave 1 of the Summer Update will let you dive into the ocean from any edge of your island, and let you swim around in search of new marine life that you can donate to museum curator Blathers. This includes star fish (or, sea stars), anemone, and garden eels, as seen in the trailer below. Blathers will have plenty of facts to tell you about your new finds, as well. You’re going to have even more specimens for the museum. That is, of course, unless you are selflish.

      The update will also introduce the mermaid crafting set, which can be obtained through interactions with Pascal. You’ll be able to get new DIY recipes from Pascal–a red sea otter that would appear weekly in previous Animal Crossing entries–by trading scallops with him, but it’s unclear if he’ll be around as sparsely as Redd (who was introduced in an earlier update). There’s also a new encounter with Gulliver, although exactly what that results in isn’t made clear.

      Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be getting even more free content in August as part of the second wave of the Summer Update, with Nintendo teasing more news on it soon. It’s been a stellar first-party title for both Nintendo and Nintendo Switch players, with Animal Crossing: New Horizons selling more than 13 million copies during its first six weeks on sale.

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      • Animal Crossing Summer Update Will Finally Let You Swim In New Horizons
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      GameSpot has officially kicked off Play For All–a celebration of all things gaming. Join us as we bring you the summer’s hottest news, previews, interviews, features, and videos, as well as raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts and Black Lives Matter with the help of our friends from around the gaming world. Check out the Play For All schedule for more.

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      Steam's 2020 Summer Sale Is Live With Skyrim, Terraria, GTA 5, And More

      Summer is always a busy time for deals, and while huge sales from Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation have already ended, one of the season’s biggest gaming sales just launched. Every June, Steam users look forward to an absolute truckload of PC games going on sale as part of the platform’s annual Summer Sale, and the time has finally come: Steam Summer Sale 2020 is live now, as predicted by a developer at SteamDB back in May. The sale includes major discounts on a ton of great games, from Rainbow Six Siege and Disco Elysium to Skyrim, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Grand Theft Auto V, and Terraria. If you’ve been waiting to bulk up your Steam game collection, there will rarely be a better time, and there are several newer games available to purchase at a huge discount.

      Steam Summer Sale 2020 dates and times

      Steam Summer Sale 2020 kicked off Thursday, June 25, and will run until July 9, ending at 10 PM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST.

      Steam Summer Sale 2020’s best deals

      As usual, literally thousands of games are seeing major markdowns across nearly every genre, from first-person shooters and action-adventure games to city-building games, horror games, and more. See our full roundup of Steam Summer Sale 2020’s best game deals for our recommendations on what to grab.

      • A Plague Tale: Innocence — $15.29 ($45)
      • Jackbox Party Pack 6 — $21 ($30)
      • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain — $6 ($20)
      • Valkyria Chronicles 4 – Complete Edition — $17 ($50)
      • Doom Eternal — $30 ($60)
      • Disco Elysium — $30 ($40)
      • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun — $6 ($40)
      • Helldivers — $10 ($20)
      • Tabletop Simulator — $10 ($20)
      • Total War: Warhammer II — $20.39 ($60)
      • Dragon Quest Builders II — $36 ($60)
      • Titanfall 2 — $9.89 ($30)
      • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Special Edition — $16 ($40)
      • Outer Wilds — $16.65 ($25)
      • Dark Souls III – Deluxe Edition — $21.24 ($85)
      • Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot — $36 ($60)
      • Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order — $30 ($60)
      • Rainbow Six Siege — $8 ($20)
      • Grand Theft Auto V — $15 ($30)
      • Rust — $20 ($40)
      • …and more

      Cheap games under $10

      If you’re on a tight budget this summer, you can fortunately find some incredible games for dirt cheap in the Steam Summer Sale–some of them are just a few bucks. Games like Celeste, Undertale, Darkest Dungeon, and Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice will all cost you less than $10 right now, and they’re absolutely worth playing. For more budget recommendations, see our roundup of the best cheap games under $10 in Steam Summer Sale 2020.

      • Celeste — $10 ($20)
      • Undertale — $3.39 ($10)
      • Moonlighter — $6.79 ($20)
      • Darkest Dungeon — $6.24 ($25)
      • Papers, Please — $5 ($10)
      • Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice — $9 ($30)
      • …and more

      Best PC exclusives on sale

      Most multi-platform games make their way onto Steam at some point, but there are still plenty of games that launch on PC and don’t get ported to other platforms right away. For that reason, it’s worth paying extra attention to PC exclusives during Steam Summer Sale, as you’re likely to find the best prices on these games that you’ll find in a long time. Put that gaming PC to good use and check out our list of the best PC exclusives on sale at Steam, including Total War: Three Kingdoms, Gears Tactics, and Half-Life: Alyx.

      • Half-Life: Alyx — $45 ($60)
      • Gears Tactics — $40.19 ($60)
      • Total War: Three Kingdoms — $45 ($60)
      • XCOM: Chimera Squad — $15 ($20)
      • Tabletop Simulator — $10 ($20)
      • Black Mesa — $13 ($20)
      • …and more

      Steam Summer Sale theme and trading cards

      While last year’s Steam Summer Sale had a unique Grand Prix theme, Steam Summer Sale 2020 looks to have a more generic summer road trip theme. There’s no real mini-game this year, but you can earn Summer Sale trading cards. You’ll get one trading card for every $10 USD that you spend; plus, you’ll earn one card a day during the sale by completing your Discovery Queue. You can then craft those cards to gain levels for the Summer Road Trip Badge.

      A “Road Trip Special” is also available during the Steam Summer Sale. You can save an additional $5 on any purchase of $30 or more. The discount is applied at checkout. There’s also a free sticker to claim each day the sale is live.

      Steam Summer Sale introduces Points Shop

      Steam has launched the Points Shop alongside the Summer Sale, which will now be open year-round and lets you earn points as you shop. You’ll earn 100 points for every dollar you spend, whether that’s on a game, DLC, application, soundtrack, or in-game items. Those points can then be redeemed for Profile or Chat items, including animated avatars, frames, backgrounds, and badges.

      You can also redeem your points to get a background or emoticon for games you already own, including those that were previously associated with trading cards. Another new feature: Community Awards, which let you reward reviews or other user-generated content that you find particularly insightful, heartwarming, or notable in some other way. There are also badges you can earn by rewarding others’ content.

      Unlike previous Steam sales where items you earned expired after a certain amount of time, any Point Shop items will be yours to keep and have unlimited uses, with the exception of a special Summer Golden Profile that you can purchase–it’ll display for up to 30 days.

      Best Deals This Week

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      • All The Free Game Promotions You Can Claim On PS4, Xbox One, PC, And More
      • Best Budget Monitors Under $200 – Cheap Monitors For Working From Home

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      Dr Disrespect banned from Twitch for ‘violating guidelines’

      Dr Disrespect has been banned from Twitch for ‘violating community guidelines’ – three months after signing a multi-year contract with them.

      The 38-year-old – real name Herschel ‘Guy’ Beahm – is one of the biggest names in live-streaming, and racked up 4.5million followers on the platform.

      However, his profile has now been taken down from the site – with a message instead saying: ‘Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable.’

      In a statement provided to Engadget, bosses said: ‘As is our process, we take appropriate action when we have evidence that a streamer has acted in violation of our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. 

      ‘These apply to all streamers regardless of status or prominence in the community.’

      It is unclear what Dr Disrespect’s ban is as a result of, or how long it is for.

      This is not the first time the streamer has been taken off Twitch, as he served a two-week ban in 2019.

      Last July, he filmed a livestream for fans from the toilet at E3, which included footage of other people also using the facilities – which saw his profile suspended.

      According to the platform’s guidelines, it’s against the rules to record someone without their consent or to do anything that could be construed as ‘stalking or violating someone’s established personal boundaries’.

      Dr Disrespect’s ban comes shortly after he penned a multi-year contract extension to stay streaming with the brand.

      ‘Twitch is where I built the Champions Club empire and keep entertaining the hundreds of millions of fans looking for me to dominate competition,’ he said at the time.

      ‘Twitch is my home and I have made plans to stick around for a while.’

      It has yet to be announced exactly how long he will be ‘sticking around’ for, but seeing as he makes around £1million a year just from streaming, we’re guessing it will be a long time. has reached out to Twitch for a comment.

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      The Last of Us Part 2 guide: Seattle Day 3 – The Flooded City collectibles walkthrough

      Polygon’s The Last of Us Part 2 Seattle Day 3 – The Flooded City collectibles guide begins when Ellie arrives in the section of the river with the ice cream truck. It ends when Ellie reaches shore outside the aquarium. There are 6 Artifacts, 2 Trading Cards, 1 Journal Entry, 2 Workbenches, and 1 Safe to find in The Flooded City.

      Seff-L’Ho’Phad Trading Card location

      The Flooded City Trading Card 1 of 2

      Pilot the boat through the rapids until you reach the first gate blocking forward progress. Get out of the boat and double back. There’s a room right next to the spot where the rapids break. Go in and walk to the desk at the far right end of the room. Open the right hand drawer to find a trading card for Seff-L’Ho’Phad, a neutral, interdimensional giant squid.

    • Seff-L’Ho’Phad Trading Card location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Seff-L’Ho’Phad Trading Card location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Seff-L’Ho’Phad Trading Card location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Ferris Wheel Journal Entry location

      The Flooded City Journal Entry 1 of 1

      Exit the room where you found the Seff-L’Ho’Phad trading card and double back toward the gate. Turn left to find the stairs and take them to the second floor. Approach the window which faces the Ferris wheel to get a new journal entry, revealing some of Ellie’s thoughts as she gets closer to Abby.

    • Ferris Wheel Journal Entry location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Ferris Wheel Journal Entry location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Stash Note Artifact location

      The Flooded City Artifact 1 of 6

      From the Ferris Wheel Journal Entry location, turn left to find a dead man, Randall, and his letter to someone named Beth. The note includes a combination 70-12-64.

    • Stash Note Artifact location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Stash Note Artifact location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Safe location

      The Flooded City Safe 1 of 1

      With the safe combination in hand, walk to the other end of the room, and roll the box out of the way. Go prone and crawl through until you’re above the fenced-in area to the right of the gate. Drop down and use the code 70-12-64 on the safe to grab some ammo.

    • Safe 1 of 1 location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Safe 1 of 1 location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Safe 1 of 1 location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Safe 1 of 1 location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Workbench 1 location

      The Flooded City Workbench 1 of 2

      As you progress through the flooded city, look for a building whose opening is surrounded by blue tarps. It’s on the left side of the river, opposite Seattle Sleep Warehouse. Inside, you’ll find a workbench.

    • Workbench 1 of 2 location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Workbench 1 of 2 location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Shambler Note Artifact location

      The Flooded City Artifact 2 of 6

      After passing through the Seattle Sleep Warehouse area, look out for the flooded Carthy Hotel on your right. In the non-flooded corner, look for a skeleton near a wrecked ship. Next to the corpse, there’s a letter with a drawing of a Shambler warning any Wolves that come across it that this new infected variant is real and awful.

    • Shambler Note Artifact location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Shambler Note Artifact location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Encampment Note Artifact location

      The Flooded City Artifact 4 of 6

      From the Scar Prophet’s portrait in the building where you fought the Scars, turn left and back toward the windows. On a light blue pillar with cracked paint, you’ll find a letter from Gray, who the Scars have now renamed Emmett, to Jules.

    • Encampment Note Artifact location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Encampment Note Artifact location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Arcade Flyer Artifact location

      The Flooded City Artifact 5 of 6

      When you arrive in W&B Arcade, park your boat near the gate and turn back. On one of the booths on the right, you’ll find a flyer advertising !!Fright Nites!!

      Arcade Flyer Artifact location.
      Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon

      Workbench 2 location

      The Flooded City Workbench 2 of 2

      Head up the stairs to the second floor. On the opposite wall, next to Moto Flare and air hockey, you’ll find a workbench.

      Workbench 2 of 2 location.
      Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon

      Khazakh Bright Trading Card location

      The Flooded City Trading Card 2 of 2

      After taking down the Bloater in the W&B Arcade basement, open the rolling window into the Prize Zone. Hop the counter and turn right to find a trading card, for neutral villain Khazakh Bright, under the glass.

    • Khazakh Bright Trading Card location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Khazakh Bright Trading Card location. Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Arcade Note Artifact location

      The Flooded City Artifact 6 of 6

      From the Prize Zone, take the stairs up a floor, and then turn right and walk until you reach PC Cafe, a room with a bunch of computers. Look to your immediate left as you enter to find the last letter from Emmett to Jules, in which he describes encountering the Bloater in the basement.

    • Arcade Note Artifact location Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
    • Arcade Note Artifact location Image: Naughty Dog/Sony Computer Entertainment America via Polygon
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      Disco Elysium TV series in the works with Sonic the Hedgehog movie producer

      Disco Elysium could be heading to the small screen, according to a report from Variety. The 2019 RPG takes place in a fictional, semi-fantastic world, and players take control of an amnesic veteran detective with a penchant for causing chaos.

      Studio ZA/UM, the developers of Disco Elysium, are partnering with dj2 Entertainment to create this series. These producers are best known for working on the recent Sonic the Hedgehog film. These producers also have the licenses for a variety of games, including Life is Strange, We Happy Few, Vampyr, and Sleeping Dogs, and intend to create a variety of feature film projects or shows based off these properties. So far, the only one of these games to see the light of day as an adaptation is Sonic the Hedgehog, which was relatively well-received as a family friendly romp.

      It’ll be fascinating to see how Disco Elysium might translate to the small screen, as the basic premise of the game is that the protagonist is customized through a “Thought Cabinet” that holds various ideologies, perceptions, and patterns. For instance, it’s possible to specialize into being a nationalist racist, or perhaps a deeply attuned occult-sensitive mystic.

      Most of the change and customization in Disco Elysium is centered on the protagonist, not the world he lives in, and how he treats his companions. However, there are some great moments that can translate to a serialized show, especially if players chose to be a total trash disaster at all times.

      If you’re not willing to wait until the TV show to check out Disco Elysium, the game recently launched on the Epic Games Store. A console port for the Nintendo Switch is currently in the works.

      Switch Lite

      Nintendo Switch consoles are often sold out, but you can still pick up the handheld-only Switch Lite, which is perfect for portable gaming.

      Vox Media has affiliate partnerships. These do not influence editorial content, though Vox Media may earn commissions for products purchased via affiliate links. For more information, see our ethics policy.

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