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Like most new moms, Freida Pinto has had her share of anxiety and insecurity regarding her new role. But 5 months into her parenting journey, smoking effects testosterone levels the actress isn’t afraid to speak up about what she does know — as son Rumi-Ray’s mother, as a partner, and as an advocate for the postpartum needs of her fellow fourth-trimester mamas.

That “omg, I’m a mom” moment happened when her son was about 2 months old and in the middle of a crying jag — but it was actually a confidence-builder for Pinto. “There was an episode that happened where Rumi was just out of his mind wouldn’t sleep, just crying. Everyone tried everything under the sun. Nothing was working,” she says. “And then right at the end, I picked him up, I held him close, and I started talking to him — telling him that everything was going to be just OK and this is just a moment that he and I both have to go through. And in that moment, it was just like his little hand just came onto my chest and he just held me, like saying, ‘I’m good, I’m good now. I’m getting better. I’m feeling better.’ … nobody could get him calm except for me. And that’s when I was like, I’m a mother.”

Pinto is kicking off our brand-new ‘What SheKnows’ video series, and for more of her parenting insights — from what she knows better than anyone else, to what she knows better than her partner, and whether she’s team ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ or team ‘get everything done while the baby naps’ — watch the full video above.


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