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Because all good things come in the form of a Friends throwback, when Courteney Cox jumped on to Instagram to share just how she channels her inner Monica Geller, we knew it was going to be amazing.

Monica, levaquin bactrim the beloved Friends star played by Courteney Cox, was an organising fiend— whether she was categorising family photos, separating her “everyday use” towels from the “fancy” ones, or numbering her coffee mugs, she couldn’t get enough. And as it turns out, Cox can’t either.

Jumping on to the TikTok challenge “tell you’re something without telling me you’re something,” Monica challenge herself to prove just how similar to her Friends character she actually is.

“Tell me you’re a Monica without telling me you’re a Monica,” she said to the camera, referencing the TikTok trend. “I’ll go first.”

The actress proceeded to reveal a sparkling organised silverware drawer, a cabinet of uniform, labeled spices, and a pantry full of dry goods decanted in jars and organised by function. “I know,” she nodded.

In less than 24 hours, it got over a million likes.

“She was born for that role,” one person commented. “I had an orgasm when that drawer opened 🤤,” Modern Family star Sarah Hyland wrote.

After seeing the kitchen, Clea Shearer of organisation company The Home Edit, replied to the video with the colour-coordinated nooks and crannies of her own house.

“Monica Geller forever. Am I doing it right @courteneycoxofficial?” Shearer captioned her video.

Can we join the club?

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