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Snoozing your alarm on chilly mornings? Struggling to get out from under the covers? Check out this list of five tips to make starting your day that little bit easier.

It’s not just you: getting out of bed when it’s cold is tough. The mornings are dark, the weather sucks and you are yet to turn the heating on this year to save on energy costs. 

It’s much easier to stay snuggled in a duvet cocoon when your alarm starts ringing and neglect all responsibilities.

Unfortunately, for most of us hibernating for winter isn’t really an option, so dragging ourselves out of bed is a non-negotiable (even if we are already running late). 

And as such, the sheer determination it takes to leave a warm, cosy bed when your room is freezing deserves some serious appreciation.

To help make things a little easier, we spoke to Martin Seeley, sleep expert and CEO of MattressNextDay to get his top tips. Here’s what he had to say.

1. Wear something warmer to bed 

Making sure you stay warm while you sleep will help you get a better night’s rest.

To make getting up that little bit easier, von’s pharmacy chino california you’ll want to make sure you’re getting a good night’s sleep. When it’s cold outside, one of the best ways to do this is by making sure you stay warm throughout the night.

“If you’re noticing that it’s becoming harder to get to sleep and harder to wake up, then it may be that you need to wear something warmer tobed,” Seeley explains. 

“Going to bed with only a few items of clothing on, if any at all, will make your body more susceptible to feeling the cold as you are offering it little to no protection. This in turn could lead to a disturbed night’s sleep and you may find you’re waking up multiple times during the night from feeling cold, making your mornings even harder.”

Seeley continues: “If you feel uncomfortable wearing too many clothes in bed, keep some warm clothes nearby that you can grab and put on when you rise. You may also want to reach for some fluffy socks too. Thermal lightweight pyjamas are the best option for a warm yet comfortable sleep.”

2. Purchase a light box

A light box can help trick you into feeling awake and refreshed even on the gloomiest of days. 

“One of the hardest aspects when waking up during autumn-winter is the lack of natural sunlight in the room,” Seeley explains. “During the summer, the natural light that enters the room each morning can often help us to wake up naturally as it signals to our brain that it’s time to rise. 

“However, during the darker mornings, this can become increasingly more difficult, with the lack of light making it hard to wake up our internal body clock (circadian rhythm) and you may find that your brain wants you to wake up,but your body doesn’t.”

To tackle this, Seeley says purchasing a light box or daylight alarm clock is your best option. “The best way to deal with this is to purchase a light box. Light boxes essentially replicate sunlight, and are an effective way to add some light to your mornings,” he says.

“These boxes are set to light up when your alarm goes off to help your body wake up. You’re more likely to experience cognitive benefits such as improved concentration and memory when you wake up from light, rather than sound such as an alarm. Furthermore, it has been noted that sunlight in the mornings can improve your overall well being, increase energy and productivity.” 

3. Have a hot shower right after waking up

Swap one warm spot for another by jumping straight in a hot shower. The only cold you have to worry about is the steps from the bedroom to the bathroom.

“If you’re struggling to wake up properly because of the cold, the quickest way to fix this is to have a hot shower first thing,” Seeley suggests. 

“A hot shower helps to regulate your body temperature, get your blood flowing and warm up your body gradually,” he continues. “This will also help you to feel warm until you get dressed, making your morning routine a lot easier.”

4. Make sure your alarm is soothing and calm 

Waking up to a jarring alarm isn’t the best way to start your day.

Is there a worse sound than an alarm going off when it’s still dark outside and your duvet feels like a fluffy cloud around you? An alarm is never going to be anyone’s favourite noise, but some are definitely worse than others. 

“No one wants to be woken up startled because of an aggressive and loud alarm. If you can, set your alarm tone to something soothing and calm,” says Seeley.  “Many alarms have a gradient setting which allows you to set an alarm which builds up gradually, getting louder and louder until you turn it off.”

An angry alarm can affect more than just your mood, too. “Waking up abruptly can cause higher blood pressure and heart rate, furthermore an angry alarm can add to your stress levels by getting your adrenaline rushing,” he says. “Try choosing a relaxed alarm tone to ease you into your day and help you fight the morning cold.”

5. If you’re turning your heating on, set it to come on early in the morning 

If all else fails, time the heating to come on just as you wake up to take the edge off the morning chill. 

“I understand turning the heating on is not something that anyone wants to do at the moment –but if it gets much colder it is important to keep your environment comfortable and liveable,” says Seeley.  

“If you’re turning the heating on, look at setting it to come on early in the morning and on a low setting, this should take away that early morning nip in the air and help you to wake comfortably. 

“You should also keep your bedroom door shut to ensure the heat radiating does not escape your room.”

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