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Centenarian reveals SURPRISE drink that helps her live longer

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Although there’s no guaranteed recipe for longer life, one crucial step lies in staving off the precursors to chronic disease. Fortunately, rulide d 50 mg side effects a warming drink does this with enthusiasm, according to research.

Chronic diseases, including cancer and heart disease, are a major threat to longevity. Considered the world’s leading causes of death, the conditions claim over 320,000 lives annually in the UK alone. However, a certain type of green tea could erect a barrier against these two culprits.

While exercise and an active lifestyle are also great at staving off major diseases, something as simple as enjoying a cup of tea could also help.

That’s the suggestion of research, published in the journal Aging, that highlights the “anti-cancer” properties of Matcha tea.

The research team has decided to put these benefits to a test by using metabolic phenotyping on the cell lines of breast cancer.

The study by the Biomedical Research Centre at the University of Salford found the green tea was able to significantly reduce the proliferation rates of cancer cells.

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One of the study authors, Doctor Michael Lisanti, said: “Matcha green tea is a natural product used as a dietary supplement with great potential for a range of treatments.

“But, the molecular mechanism underpinning all that remains largely unknown.

“By using metabolic phenotyping we found that the tea is suppressing oxidative mitochondrial metabolism – in other words, it is preventing the cells from ‘re-fuelling’ and therefore they become interactive and die.

“Our results are consistent with the idea that Matcha may have significant therapeutic potential, mediating the metabolic reprogramming of cancer cells.”

The effects observed by the reseachers on human breast cancer cells were striking as the active ingredients in Matcha showed a surgical effect of knocking out certain signalling pathways.

Furthermore, these powerful antioxidants can help stave off various diseases, ranging from heart disease to osteoporosis.

However, the condition that could be hugely benefited by enjoying the hot drink is high cholesterol.

One of the antioxidants contained in the green beverage is so-called catechin.

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This powerful antioxidant is the potent part that can also target the fatty substance.

What’s more, Matcha tea is a unique source of this goodie that can be otherwise found in your regular cup of green tea.

In fact, research, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, suggested that green tea could cause a significant cholesterol reduction.

Looking at 1136 subjects, the study conducted fourteen randomised controlled trials to observe the impacts of the drink.

The research team found that the drink was able to lower “bad” cholesterol by 2.19 mg/dL.

The study concluded that enjoying green tea beverages can significantly reduce total and “bad” levels, while leaving the “good” type unaffected.

As high cholesterol is the precursor of heart disease and stroke, the hot drink could also offer protection against these culprits by keeping cholesterol in check.

This combination of effects on cancer as well as cholesterol could boost your longevity overall.

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