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Want to boost your health in 2023? Over 40s can now get a health check at a local Boots pharmacy from today.

Running until the end of June, people can book in for their free 15 minute health check with a pharmacist across 1,000 branches.

The MOT aims to help the nation address issues such as high blood pressure while also offering advice to aid wellbeing.

An estimated six to eight million people are living with undiagnosed or uncontrolled high blood pressure and if left unchecked, it can lad to heart attacks, heart disease and strokes – but it rarely has noticeable symptoms.

During MOT appointments, there will be a blood pressure check service, with GP referral if needed, greenwave pharmacy clintwood va an optional BMI and waist circumference measurement, guidance on exercise, nutrition, sleep, mental wellbeing and smoking, alongside any further personalised recommendations needed.

At the end of their appointment, patients get a booklet on healthy lifestyles with their results included.

Claire Nevinson, superintendent pharmacist at Boots, said: ‘The Free Health MOT at Boots is intended to help people gain greater insight into their health and take the steps they need to improve it.

‘As we get older, we become more vulnerable to conditions like high blood pressure, so it’s important that we take steps to help stay healthy.

‘The checks done during the MOT and the advice provided not only helps individual patients lead healthier lives but also reduces pressure on the NHS by offering accessible care in pharmacies at the heart of communities.’

Research by Boots shows people want to lead healthier lives, with over two thirds wanting to feel better and live longer.

Two thirds of Boots pharmacy team members say more patients come to see them before they are unwell for general health advice, compared to five years ago.

Should you try a private health MOT?

Metro.co.uk’s First Person and Opinion Editor, Jess Austin, recently tried five different MOTs to see which could give her the best insight into her health – and whether they were worth the money. The tests delivered results on everything from fertility to cancer risk.

She said: ‘I would never have been able to find out some of this information through the NHS.

‘I would recommend them to anyone who has cash to spare and are looking for more day-to-day insights, but for me I’d find the costs too much to commit to regularly.’

Her favourite test was 23andMe’s Health + Ancestry (£149), which she felt was the best value for money considering all the details it could provide.

Appointments for the Boots MOT can be booked here.

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