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When Idina Menzel met Elsa at Disney World, she had one goal in mind: stay cool. While being cool was (literally!) easier for the animated character on Frozen, it was a little more challenging for the Tony award winner. Menzel shared her recent experience meeting the Ice Queen at Walt Disney World, and we are crying laughing at the hilarious exchange.

“I love to go to Disney,” Menzel told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, which she shared to Instagram yesterday. “It’s just, sometimes they make me do a photo op with the Elsas and the Annas, promethazine vc codeine price prescription but it’s really uncomfortable for me because I want to talk to them.”

The Disenchanted star continued, “I know that it’s a day job, and they’re probably aspiring actresses, so I try to just be cool. I just want to be like, ‘Hey, it’s really hot here. You must be so hot in that costume.’”

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“And Elsa will always be like, ‘Yes, it’s very hot here in Arendelle,’” she continues, in a voice impersonating the Elsa at Disney World, who is ironically trying to match Menzel’s Elsa from Frozen. It’s a little meta, and we love it.

“Because they have to stay in character in the whole time,” Fallon laughed.

“Yeah! They have to stay, or they’ll get fired,” she continues. “And I’m not trying to break them, I just wanna be cool. I’m like, ‘You wanna go for a drink later?’ And they’re like, ‘Olaf’s a little underage.’”

“I’m just like, ‘forget it!’” she said while laughing. Hey, props to those actresses because that would be a hard conversation to stay in character for!


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“Imagine Idina Menzel asking you to go for a drink and you can’t say yes omfg, it’s hell,” someone commented.

Another wrote, “I would quit to go grab drinks with Idina Menzel!!” and same!

Menzel, who is mom to Walker Nathaniel, 13, with ex-husband Taye Diggs, recently released her debut children’s book, Loud Mouse, which she co-wrote with her sister Cara Mentzel, as well as an accompanying song, “The Loud Mouse Song.”

“Just being me and being a songwriter, I just can’t stop at, ‘It’s just a book,’” she told TODAY last month. “I had to give it a world, a musical world, and not because I don’t trust everyone to sing the refrain at home with their kids beautifully,” she added, laughing.


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The book is about a mouse, whose sister helps her find a big voice. “I wanted to write a book inspired by when I was a young girl and I knew deep down that I had a special voice and I sometimes wasn’t sure how much to share it,” the Wicked star told the outlet. “I didn’t know how much to call attention to myself and how much space to really take up in the world.” 

She’s such an inspiration! Especially how she goes from knowing exactly what kids will love (“Let It Go” is still a staple in my house) to asking people out for drinks. She is definitely a cool mom in our book!

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