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Dr Zoe reveals which supplements to take

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The name of the compound is called BAM15. Published in the Journal of Cachexia, BAM15 was found to help obese elderly mice lose fat, weight, as well as add muscle and strength. Furthermore, this same compound helped them with age-related inflammation and increased their levels of physical activity. This study provides some of the first evidence that BAM15 could be of use to the human body.

Christopher Axelrod, of Penning Biomedical Research Centre said: “Loss of muscle is typically not a concern in younger adults with obesity. However, as people age, that changes.”

Mr Axelrod continued: “Older adults with sarcopenic obesity suffer accelerated muscle loss. They become less active. As a result they are at high risk for falls, stroke, how to buy biaxin canadian pharmacy heart disease, poorer quality of life and premature death.”

The study shows BAM15 could be used for improving the quality of life of older adults, particularly those who are overweight.

Executive Director of Pennington John Kirwan said: “This data highlights that mitochondrial uncouplers [such as BAM15] may play an important role in improving health span – the time a person enjoys good health – in advanced age.”

“Extending health span is even more important than extending lifespan,” said Kirwan.

The doctor explained: “Suppose you could add 20 or 30 years to a person’s life. What would be the point if their quality of life was awful?”

As a result, BAM15 is important as it extends not just the person’s lifespan but extends the length of time for which they are healthy.

The hope is that trials on humans will begin soon.

While scientists have discovered a compound that can help extend a person’s health and lifespan, another group are warning against the use of a supplement they described as “toxic”.

Manchester University’s Jean-Michel Fustin said: “This discovery came out of the blue.

“When we gave the supplement to mice we expected they would become healthier. But instead we found the opposite,” explained the researcher.

Fustin continued: “We found that when SAMe breaks down in the body, it produces very toxic molecules, including adenine which causes gout, kidney disease and liver disease.”

Even though the results, published in the journal Communications Biology earlier this month, were carried out on mice, they remain relevant to humans.

Fustin said: “We have not yet tested the supplement on men and women but we have added it to human cells in laboratory cultures and have found it had the same effect as it had on mice.”

In the UK SAMe is not sold in pharmacies, but it is for sale online.

It is also advertised as a supplement for dogs and cats in some situations.

The MHRA has been asked for a response.

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